Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 54 Replaced By Allison

Amy went to the HD Group by bus. When she got off the bus, she heard someone calling her from afar. She looked back and saw Hilary.

"Amy, wait for me. Let's go in together." Hilary ran to her. She was dressed in all Gucci and was wearing killer heels. Amy was impressed that Hilary could still run so fast.

"Let's go." Hilary held Amy's arm, and they walked to the company together.

When they walked to the gate, Hilary saw Richard's car followed by another car. It was Allison's. She just wouldn't give up.

After getting into the hall, Allison raised her head arrogantly. Many people were greeting her, knowing she worked in Mr. Carter's office at the HD Group once she joined the company. And she was so beautiful that they had guessed that she might be Mr. Carter's girlfriend.

After Allison left, people looked at Amy meaningfully when she walked in with Hilary. Amy was just promoted by Mr. Carter a few days ago, but now she was replaced by someone else. What a pitiful girl.

Amy felt that there was something wrong with their look. However, she did not think too much about it. She just didn't want to be late for work.

She went to the thirtieth floor with Hilary. Just as she placed her hand on the doorknob of the president's office, she heard someone talking inside.

"Richard, I don't like this table. Can you change it for me? Also, can I remove all these things?" Allison said to Richard.

"OK. You can do whatever you like." Richard agreed.

Yesterday, you said you were coming to work today. I thought you were just kidding. Why don't you take a few more days off?" Allison opened

She hadn't got along with Hilary

with Amy." Hilary pulled Amy over

his office, and he chose me. You guys can go back to work


here. Where do you think she should work?" Allison acted like she was Richard's wife. She wanted

let you know if

She walked in and put her things in a cardboard box. Then, she went down with

if Amy argued or made a fuss. But Amy was proud. She didn't

will Amy and Hilary blame me for taking up her position?" Allison said that as if she was

Just let Amy

want? You can buy some and put them in the office." Richard looked at Allison. She was indeed

might look as pretty as Allison, who was the most

Allison, but she was very cute

conflicted. Back then, Allison ignored his pleas and left him without hesitation. Yet he was always thinking about her. For so many years, he had never fallen in love

everything had changed since he met Amy. When he saw the

nice to me. Will you blame me for leaving you back then? I'm so sorry. But I was too young, and l


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