While speaking, Amy opened the door and saw Richard hugging Allison. That was really embarrassing. And Allison was looking at Amy with a complacent smile.

When he saw Amy, Richard wanted to push Allison away. But Allison held his waist more tightly with her arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just here to get my teacup. I didn't see or hear anything. You guys can enjoy it." Amy walked to her table, took her teacup, and flew away.

When she closed the door, Amy patted her chest. Richard and Allison even made out in the office in the day. Humph, what a lovely couple!

Perhaps she came at the wrong time. Forget it. She should stop being so gossipy. After all, she wouldn't work in Richard's office again.

"Amy, you're flushing. Did you run too fast?" Hilary watched Amy as she came back and sat opposite her.

"Yes, it's a little hot." Amy lowered her head.

"Well, Amy? Why are you here? To inspect our work? I thought you should work in Mr. Carter’s office. It's only been a few days and you've come back. We're really flattered." Zoe walked over, looked at Amy and said in a weird tone on purpose.

Amy looked at Zoe and wondered why she wasn’t fired yet. Didn't Richard say that Zoe would resign if she couldn't finish her work that day?

"Are you surprised to see me? Do you think that you can seduce and manipulate Mr. Carter with your face? You should remember that Mr. Carter only loves Allison. Now that Allison has returned, there's no place for you!" Zoe did not fear Amy anymore. Allison came back and spoke to Richard for her. So she could stay in the company.

got it. It turned out that Zoe was Allison's

you so proud?" Hilary pulled Amy over. Hilary looked at Zoe and her big mouth and just wished she

know Hilary, nor did she know that

the new secretary, Hilary Carter." Someone whispered to

she's new here. Why is she so arrogant and how can she talk back

seemed to be dressed in ordinary clothes. Hilary was pretty, but so what? She should be just a poor student

don’t want to argue with you. Since you've come back, you need to work hard. Wait a moment. I will arrange work to you today." Zoe stopped arguing since she didn’t want to cause trouble. She had only

watch another fight today, but the fire went

came over with a stack of documents and gave them equally

you just come back, I won't

secretaries, they required applicants to know at

good at German. But the documents Zoe

good at English, but Zoe gave her

if they were proficient at these two languages. However, Zoe didn't let them do what they were

the documents and felt that she could make it in three days. But she was

worry. I'll work overtime to finish my translation. Then I will help you.

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