Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 56 We Are Friends Now

Seeing that Amy was not working as efficiently as her, Hilary immediately called Cathy and asked her to send her a notebook.

"Hilary, don’t bother. I can make it. Three days is more than enough." When Amy heard that Hilary was calling her mother, she hurriedly stopped Hilary. A notebook was so expensive. She couldn't afford it now.

"It's fine. Just treat it as a gift from me. My mother has given you a gift. But I haven't. I don't know what you like. Now that you need this, isn’t it a wonderful gift?" Hilary felt happy to send a gift to her sister-in-law. Although it wasn't as expensive as her mother's gift, it was practical.

Very quickly, someone knocked on the door and sent in a notebook. Hilary turned on the computer, downloaded a lot of dictionaries and then handed it to Amy.

"Alright, you will certainly be more efficient. To turn to online dictionaries is much more efficient than paper ones."

Amy didn’t refuse her kindness again. Her priority was work right now.

In the private room, they could hear keyboards being tapped non-stop. They did not say anything else and were busy with the work in their hands.

However, although both were busy, someone was idle. From time to time, a knock at the door would come. Food, drinks, and even snacks would be delivered.

Anxious, Hilary called her mother again.

"Mom, we're not chatting while enjoying tea. We're working. Do you understand? Don't disturb us anymore." After Hilary finished speaking, she hung up the phone and no one bothered them anymore.

Amy translated in the tea house during the day and continued at home at night. She thought that she needed to finish the work as soon as possible so as to help Hilary.

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our ability, we could complete it in two and a half days. There is no need to be in a hurry. Staying up late is not good for your beauty."

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treat you to dinner if we finished work on time. Feel free to tell me what you would

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was my casual talk. Don't take it seriously." Amy thought

misunderstand me. I mean you can call ten people over, let alone one. It's my treat. You can invite anyone as you want. Bring them all along. I like you, and I like all

my best friend. Her personality is very similar to yours. Perhaps you two can also become good friends." Amy felt that Hilary was so cute. She liked

want to see her." When Hilary heard that Hannah had a similar personality to her, she immediately

treat her, she directly took the afternoon off and went

is Hilary. This is my best friend, Hannah."

I really want to see you. I'm Hilary. Nice to meet you." When Hilary

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going to eat? I know a good restaurant."

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