Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 57 An Awkward Encounter

While they were waiting for the dishes, they heard someone calling for Richard at the door. Judging from the soft voice, they knew that it was Allison without turning around to have a look.

Wearing her long hair loose, Allison was in a white dress. She looked so elegant, like an angel coming to the world.

Anyone who didn't know Allison would be attracted by her appearance. She was gorgeous and beautiful.

At the sight of Amy and her friends, Allison stopped at the door.

"Allison, why aren't you going in?" When Richard walked over, he saw Allison standing at the door.

"Richard, our table has been taken." Allison said casually. She looked at the table that she used to like the most. It had been taken by three annoying women.

"Then let's go somewhere else. There aren't many people around anyway." Richard also saw Amy. Every time he was with Allison and saw Amy, he felt as if she had caught him cheating.

"But I like it here. Forget it, Richard. I'll listen to you." Allison's face was filled with grievances, and then she became obedient.

"Then why don't we go to another restaurant?" Upon seeing Amy, Richard felt uncomfortable.

"There's no need. Richard, you're hungry. Let's stay here. I haven't enjoyed its dishes for many years. I am looking forward to it!" They talked a lot at the door, as if they were acting. Allison was obviously showing off, but Amy ignored her.

"Welcome. You can sit there. That table is quite nice. The view is good as well." When Mary was serving the dishes, she saw Richard and Allison standing at the door.

She hurriedly greeted them. She shifted her gaze from Richard to Amy without saying anything. No one knew what she meant.

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Three dishes and a soup will be fine." Allison noticed that Amy and her friends were having the same dishes as they used to order. She was jealous. When she was away, Richard brought Amy here for dinner. Sitting by her table, Richard and Amy had the same dishes when

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