Chapter 634 Congratulations on Being Recognized

What Elise had announced completely shut everyone’s mouths. After that, everyone ate their own food at the table and the atmosphere was unusually silent.

After dinner, she went upstairs. Now that the teacher had canceled her evening test, there was nothing else she needed to do in particular. Therefore, there was no need for her to be constantly in school every day.

After taking a shower, she saw the set of equipment that Wendy had given her. Then, after she wrapped her hair with a dry towel, she sat down at the computer desk.

Finally, she opened the box and saw the words ‘Apocalypse Strike’ gilded on the box’s interior. This should be the name of the game.

After setting up the equipment, Elise entered the game’s interface.


As a matter of fact, ‘Apocalypse Strike’ could not be regarded as a game in the traditional sense. It was more like a stand-alone adventure game. After logging into the game, one did not have to do anything. Instead, they just needed to spectate the NPC’s behavior.

Elise saw Winston Churchill in the game, who had unified all the member nations. However, when the countries were thrown into war, one of the member nations retaliated by dropping an atomic bomb. As a result, there was a collision that destroyed the entire country.


She tried to stop it from happening but could not do anything. When the game interface turned pitch black, the computer screen had also turned black. Then, it automatically returned to the original desktop screen.

At once, Elise woke up from the game and glanced at the time. Only less than 5 minutes had passed?! The game flow of ‘Apocalypse Strike’ is a little too fast.

Knock! Knock!

“Who is it?”

She was startled when someone suddenly knocked on her door.

“It’s me, Owen,” the person outside the door responded.

heard that and got up to open the


said, “I saw you didn’t eat much at night, so I made some supper. Would you like

gaming equipment beside

down the tray in his hand, he added, “To be honest, I didn’t expect you to get married so soon. You do

crossed her arms over the chest and

Owen pushed his glasses and had a righteous expression on his face. Then, he continued, “Men know men the best. Those men who think deeply of using

me that Alexander wants to keep me in captivity and raise me to be his

such a test. So, Miss Sinclair, I’m simply reminding you to be cautious. Because I regard you as a family member, I’m taking the risk of being criticized as a snake and sharing with you my innermost thoughts,” Owen said, his words filled with double

my husband wants to keep me in captivity, it would only happen when I consent to it. So,

overthinking,” he said warmly. “Joey calls me Owen, and I regard

relationship I have with the Fassbender Family can’t be put on the same pedestal as your relationship with them. It is better to distinguish some things clearly.

when he heard that, “It has

became wary of

elegant self. “Since that’s the case, I won’t disturb you. Have

conversation any longer, so she was

he was not annoyed and walked out

waited until there was no sound of footsteps. Only then did she turn her face around and stare at the door meaningfully for a while before closing the door again. Lying on the bed, she could not help but

world is a mess? This question had troubled her

the following day, she began to investigate the matters relating to ‘Apocalypse Strike’ and Wendy. However, the result came up empty, making Elise feel all the more suspicious. Something

went to Wendy’s house

as he stood by the door at

again?” Wendy asked, looking indifferent as she did not even bother to look

the relationship between Alexander and Elise. Although the two

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