Chapter 635 Pretending to Be Drunk?

“Oh, fine.” Mr. Brown finally let the matter go. However, he did not forget to make things difficult for Winona. “But—since you want to drink on her behalf, you have to follow the rules. One drink for three drinks!”

“Sure!” Winona agreed. “Rules are meant to be followed. Otherwise, what’s the point of having rules? Don’t you agree, Mr. Brown?”

As Winona spoke, she picked up the wine tankard containing liquor. Then, she poured herself three full glasses of wine and drank them one by one in front of the men who were witnessing the show.

After Winona chugged down the second glass, she was obviously in a bit of a pickle. Still, she forced a smile and gulped down the third glass.

However, these men still felt that it was not enough.


Just as Winona sat down, they raised the cup again one after another. Then, using the excuse of giving a toast in the name of Elise, they indirectly forced her to continue drinking.

“Not a problem! Gentlemen, please help yourselves. I’ll go all out for you guys today!” At this point, Winona was already a little tipsy. She vaguely asked the waiter to pour more liquor for her. As she held the table to regain her composure and finally got a grip of herself, she summoned up her courage again and stood up to respond to these executives.


After all was said and done, everything revolved around money.

Eventually, Elise could not stand by idly and watch. She reached out with her hand and wanted to pull Winona down. However, Winona took action first and held Elise’s shoulders, signaling her not to act rashly.

Every social circle had its own rules of survival. Sometimes, it was necessary to endure ridiculous requests.

Elise had no choice but to watch her chug down glass after glass of liquor.

Soon, Winona was utterly wasted after drinking half a liquor bottle.

Elise immediately took her bag and helped Winona out without saying a word. “Sorry, but we must take our leave first.”

“Hey—” Mr. Brown stretched his voice and stood up staggeringly. After that, he directly grabbed Elise’s wrist. “We have just started enjoying the drinks, yet you’re already leaving? Are you disrespecting me?!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Stay for a little longer, Miss Sinclair.” Mr. Lowry also came over.

respond to their demands and only lowered her eyes. Finally, her icy glare landed on

Mr. Brown let out a contemptuous laugh. Then, he had a nasty look on his face when he said with dissatisfaction, “You better watch your temper with

rather terrible. So, I’ll give you another chance. Let

carefully. I know you are very influential now, but if you want to keep your popularity for a long time in this circle, you can’t offend Mr.

choice whether my journey will be rocky or not, so don’t you worry about

speaking, Elise exerted some force to yank her hand away

little, causing the tipsy feeling within him to suddenly dissipate. Once he regained his senses, he immediately reached out to grab

hand reached out to

and instinctively retracted his hand. She did not even look at him as she returned to her task at hand, which was to

However, due to his actions, his heart unfortunately pumped harder to supply blood to support his advances and caused the anesthetic feeling to spread all over

“Mr. Brown!”

”Wake up, Mr. Brown!”

”Somebody call 911!”

overwhelmed after they saw his condition that they had no time to bother about Elise and Winona.

Winona into the car and instructed the driver to start driving. “Send Miss Winona home

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car drove out, Elise suddenly heard a peculiar laughter echo in the car while she

saw Winona giggling without a care in the world

you pretend to be drunk?” Elise asked

she said with a cheeky smile, “Those above have their ‘rules’ while those

drinking the wine!

up the clothes on her left, then twisted them, and the liquid dripped down immediately. “I fed them all to the clothes! Didn’t you notice how I

are remarkable.” Elise was highly amused. I didn’t expect Winona, who usually looks dorky and silly, to be able to cope with this kind of dinner and escape with ease. It seems like I

the two

afterward, the car drove into the community Winona

standing by the entrance of Winona’s residence building unit. He

girl in love as the corners of her lips subconsciously curled up

Elise asked

“Yeah.” Winona nodded shyly.

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