Chapter 636 Something Happened to Alexander!

When Elise clicked into his profile, she saw a series of messages—all were from Alexander.

‘When you were by my side, I always felt time pass by so fast. Now that you are not by my side, it is only now that I understand how a second can feel like a decade.’

‘I’ve arrived in Fornd today. Everything went well. How are you doing?’

‘I want to see you, but I’m afraid I can’t hold myself back when I look for you. So, I can only tell you here.’



‘I know you dislike someone pestering you the most, but I just miss you so, so much. I really want to put aside my pride and dignity to beg you to come back. Are you aware of my feelings?’

‘It’s happy to meet each other, but it’s bitter to part with each other. I have tasted the bitter part these few days, but when will this suffering end?’


‘Just send me a message, just one. Don’t even think of abandoning me.’

Don’t even think of abandoning me.

Now that he was faced with the person whom he loved, even someone of Alexander’s caliber would also feel insecure when it came to Elise.

As she read through the messages, she felt terrible. Thus, she quickly turned off her phone again and threw it into her purse.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The next day, Elise returned to her university and she made her way toward the principal’s office in the evening to deal with affairs relating to the establishment of scholarships.

Since the principal was the one who directly contacted Elise about the establishment of the scholarships, such an action had significantly simplified the procedures. After both parties signed the contract, the deal was successful.

a student like you.” Leon got up and reached out with his hand to clasp hers. “On behalf of the university and the students who have been awarded with the scholarships, I hereby thank you for

on this. There’s no need for such small talk as I’m not used to it,” Elise responded with a wry

his hand. Then, he took out two tickets from his drawer and placed them on the table in front of Elise. “Here are two tickets for an art exhibition. You can take your friends to visit the art exhibition and relax if you have

accepted it as it wasn’t something priceless. “If everything is good to go, I

go,” he replied

rose to her feet

this. Then, he nudged the principal with

imply, and he instantly called out and stopped Elise. “M-Miss Sinclair! A moment of your time,

around at his exclamation. “Is there

you would like to film a short video for your alma mater.” Leon was a little embarrassed to ask her about such

problem,” she agreed. “Is

was overjoyed, so it was obvious that there would

she went back to the dormitory. As soon as she walked to the dormitory’s door, she heard Mica

think about it a little, but where are

“Okay, up to you.”

is in love! Since she did not have a habit of eavesdropping, she only stayed outside for a moment.

to go. My roommate is back. I’ll call you later.” Mica

call. Just pretend

burned with embarrassment and she



her for information, “Are you

yet.” Mica raised her head, yet her eyes were burning with passion. “But we have a tacit understanding, so it’s not much

is still not officially a couple?” Elise could not help but kindly remind her, “Mica, you must be more careful, considering that you still

will!” Mica

go to your date. Don’t worry about me.

you. Bye, Elise.” Mica simply tidied herself up,

go to bed, a

opened it, she saw that it was a spam text to multiple numbers at once. The content of the text message was ‘Dear ‘Apocalypse Strike’ players, welcome to the family. Please meet in Hall X after a week. We look forward

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