Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 118 Provoking Percy

His expression turned gloomy and serious.

“If she's pregnant, then why didn’t she tell me?”

“According to what you've said, Miss Lane doesn't like you now, so if she's pregnant, she would not tell you, are you sure that the child is yours?”

Jasper suddenly asked, Robert immediately punched his chest.

“What are you talking about? I know clearly what kind of person she is.”

Even if Robert said that, he suddenly felt not so confident as well.

It's just that, a man should keep his honor, so he wouldn't tell Jasper that he's worried.

When the they were talking there, Georgia already walked to Professor Lee's side.

“Why did you leave for so long, Percy is already here, you made me wait for a long time... Everything we have prepared today will go to waste if Percy left."

Professor Lee was quite unhappy, Georgia immediately apologized.

“Professor, sorry, my stomach hurts just now so I went to the toilet.“

Professor Lee nodded.

“Let's go, I'll take you to Percy, remember that you should stand up straight and be confident... Even if you get insulted and looked down upon, you must act righteous, let the crowd think that you're not guilty at all and let them start doubting that you're wronged, do you understand what I mean?”

Georgia immediately nodded.

“Professor, I know what you mean, don't worry, I'll act well.”

Professor Lee brought Georgia to a very lively place not far from there.

Percy was standing there with his suit, looking so energetic.

There were several people standing by his side, which were all having a chat.

When Georgia and Professor Lee walked over, that group of people turned around, seeing that it's Professor Lee, those people around Percy immediately complimented and flattered Professor Lee.

“Professor Lee, it's really an honor to meet you today, I've always wanted to interact with you...”

“Professor Lee, I heard that your research team has gotten a huge development, when will the research results be published to the world?”

“Professor Lee, I heard that you've received an invitation from American BioMedical Association to be a lecturer, when will you go?”

They seemed like they wanted to flatter Professor Lee, Professor Lee just smiled towards them and simply answered those questions.

Soon after, Professor Lee directly spoke to Percy.

“Dr. Chow, what a coincidence, I unexpectedly meet you here today.”

Percy was being complimented so he was smiling proudly.

But once he saw Professor Lee coming over, especially with Georgia by his side, Percy's gaze became gloomy in an instant, his emotion wasn't stable.

Lee's greetings,

internationally well-known scholar, don't you feel embarrassed to lead a student who plagiarized her teacher, and she even earned a good name with such shameful

said those words, the crowd stared strangely at Georgia

that she's just a

this? What do you mean, Dr.

I heard that she plagiarized Dr. Chow's research report back then, then Imperial University immediately expelled

around them, they looked at Georgia in

time, she smiled and walked

Chow, long time no

Georgia looked at the group of people that

to discuss it anymore, I am Georgia, the one

and made people around

thought that people who plagiarized would wish they could disappear after getting caught, could

could there be such

could you have the

one who plagiarized her teacher's research data? How dare you stand in front

school had even expelled you back then, why are you here? Don't

sneered while Dr. Chow looked at Georgia in

stood in front of him, he’s going to make

just smiled towards

experiment data, so I'll say that Dr. Chow wronged me

and everyone went into

famous international Professor, saying that he plagiarized his own student's experiment data is

have some sense of shame? Do a professor need to plagiarize a student's data,



steps forward and

the plagiarism back then? I believe that you understand it


student back then while Dr. Chow was already an internationally famous Professor with profound knowledge basis... How could

The others also nodded.

confused because of her? The school expelled her back then,

was still quite respectful to Professor Lee, several of them

she should stand

Dr. Chow kept stagnate on his experiment results back then, until now there’s no research progress at all, that could only mean one thing, Dr. Chow plagiarized

Chow so angry

you! I heard that the Lane family drove you away because you've been

Chow coldly shouted, looking

tone, Georgia found that he mentioned members of the

had something to do with members of the Lane family, it turned out that her father had long disregarded her as

sad, but she

everyone, she had to keep a confident

comes, I will publish my latest research results in front of the public. At that time, I'll declare my research idea back then and my current research progress, as for Dr. Chow, you can publish your


woman really make a

him, the truth back then might

that, Percy couldn't show that he's flustered in

experiment data first, if you can then just

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