Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 119 Eden’s Revenge

Percy was silent for a while, he quickly agreed when he saw the eyes of the others looking at him in probe.

“There’s nothing I’m afraid of, you just wait.”

Georgia smiled with satisfaction.

Percy was very likely to escape at the last minute, she had to block Percy’s escape route before he did that.

After the confrontation with Percy, Georgia thought that she had to leave as well.

Professor Lee spoke to Georgia.

“I have done everything that I should do, it’s time to meet Mr. Murphy. We’re very old friends, I have something to talk to him, I’ll leave you here, and it’s up to you if you wish to stay longer or leave right away. Don’t bother about me.”

Georgia thanked Professor Lee.

“Professor, I get it, I’m already an adult and I’ll take care of my own affairs.”

After Georgia and Professor Lee had parted, she looked around in the banquet.

When she found Selena’s figure, Georgia took the initiative to walk over.

“Hi, Ms. Holland.”

After Georgia finished speaking, Selena turned over and smiled at Georgia.

“Hi, Ms. Lane, you actually came to this banquet today.”

Georgia smiled, and she replied Selena.

“Ms. Holland, I have something important to tell you, are you free now?”

In fact, Selena had been with her stepmother, Elliot, and Jason’s parents were opposite her.

As a junior, Selena had always been polite while keeping the elders accompanied.

With Georgia’s sudden arrival, Selena spoke to her stepmother.

“Mom, Ms. Lane and I would like to speak in private for a while, I’ll leave for a bit.”

Elliot was a little reluctant, but Jason’s mother was already smiling and saying.

“Young people have a lot of things to talk about, Selena had accompanied us for so long, let her rest for a bit.”

Elliot smiled and nodded upon hearing that.

“Then you talk to this lady first, remember to come back earlier later.”

Elliot remembered that they were supposed to discuss about the marriage with Jason today. She wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible instead of dragging it further.

Elliot always had an intuition that the longer things were being dragged, it would bring nightmare.

Georgia took Selena to a quiet garden at the backyard, then Selena spoke to Georgia.

“Did something happen to Travis ? Just let me know and I’ll find a way to help.”

Georgia shook her head.

“It’s not about this; I’ve found someone to help me with Travis. I’d like to ask you to help me with another thing.”

Selena nodded.


what she heard from Emma and Flora, the mother and daughter’s

They seemed very worried about the matter; they were discussing how to erase the footage of the dash

witnessing Eden chasing after Wendy with his car herself was the only clue for Georgia’s case. But now she was told that there could be a car which passed by

different; the video could record the

if the video still existed,

there could still be

accident scene that year, and the people from the Lane family suspected that there was a dash cam that recorded the truth of the accident. Don’t worry, I’ll try to adjust the traffic video from six years ago to see which car was there on that road during the time of the accident. According to what you said, this car must be very expensive, so we can eliminate the ordinary cars;

Georgia nodded gratefully.

such trouble. If there is any update, I

Selena smiled.

small effort, I’ll definitely help you. But we’ve already known each other for a

Georgia smiled in embarrassment.

also call me

two of them were talking here, Eden was watching these two women

ago, but

could ignore about Georgia’s affairs as his father would

he only needed to focus

Selena separated when they were

Elliot, as her stepmother mentioned that she should always stay beside Jason’s parents and impress them to make them like her in order

down Selena did not want to be like this, but she always felt that the Holland family was kind to her, and

asked her to do, she would not reject

before Selena returned to the banquet hall, she

and fell down

Murphy family’s banquet was too grand, the celebrities from the entire D City

to hire the hotel waiters outside as they did not have enough servants. There were all kinds of people in the banquet which

his twenties. His name was Gary,

smuggle abroad. Even if the others found out it was Gary who did this, they would not be able to locate him. Therefore, the

was Gary who had just knocked out

and find a reason to lure Selena to a

that Selena and Georgia were talking at a quiet place without anyone else, Eden let the man he hired carried

ground, Eden smiled triumphantly, there was no surveillance

directly took of Selena’s clothes off and

because his mother and sister had been watching him, Eden would really want to disappear for a while and slowly

was not enough

second floor,

who had instructed those people at the police station

the brother and sister

he made the siblings disabled, the Holland family

not dare

of considerations, Eden

Jasper were siblings; it would be a big joke if these siblings got together. The Holland family would definitely not dare to expose such matter.

were going to check on this, he would never be found out. At least

embarrassed and even became distorted.

could he kill them, so he tried to

change. Eden had forseen that the

next thing he had to do was

to his mother, Flora by his

so long, Eden? Don’t cause any scene here, your father had reminded you, you

he was not the obedient type, so

Eden smiled and nodded.

cause any trouble, if dad knows that he would for sure hit me, of course I have to be

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