Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 120 Kidnapping and Missing

After that, Gary Lynn quickly fled from the back door.

When he got everything done, then he no longer stayed in this place.

Otherwise, until the Holland family found out the truth, he would be so dead.

According to the money Eden Lane had prepared for him in advance, as well as the cost of smuggling, Gary immediately took a car to the beach, and he needed to leave this place immediately.

Jasper Holland and Selena Holland were in the room, Selena felt very painful in the back of her head.

She was a little fuzzy, but she felt something heavy pressed on her body.

There was pain everywhere in her body. Selena didn't know what was going on. She couldn't open her eyes because of the pain. She only felt very unwell and wanted to struggle.

However, struggling for a while, as if her whole body was tightly imprisoned, completely letting other people do whatever they wanted.

Jasper's mind was blurred, and he clouded mind made him think that Jason Murphy had sent him a woman.

Therefore, he completely regarded the woman in front of him as the woman sent by Jason.

Moreover, this woman basically did not resist, letting him do whatever he wanted, so Jasper completely lost his sanity, only knowing that he was venting the discomfort caused by the medicine.

No one knew what happened in this room.

And at the same time at the banquet.

Owen Lane and Emma Lane were standing together chatting.

"Dad, did your plan begin? The banquet is about to end in about an hour."

"I have arranged everyone, but I haven't waited the good timing. Georgia Lane and Robert Simpson have been standing among the crowd. It's really hard to get started now."

Owen's original plan was to make Emma pregnant with Robert's child.

Therefore, for today's banquet, Emma must rescue Robert as a rescuer.

It was just that Robert was always surrounded by people and his people didn’t find a breakthrough yet.

"Then I can only wait patiently now?"

Emma asked her father.

"You stay at the banquet. I will arrange things here, and Robert can’t doubt what we are going to do."

Emma nodded, after a while.

The people of Owen finally found the opportunity.

Georgia went to the bathroom at this time, and the person who followed her directly knocked out her at the bathroom.

Then, a woman in a red sexy long dress walked to Robert's side.

"Mr. Simpson, can I buy you a glass of wine?"

Robert looked at the woman in front of him indifferently, he didn't know who this woman was.

"Go away, don't let me repeat it."

As soon as Robert said this, the woman was not angry but she laughed instead.

"Mr. Simpson, my name is Kayden. I like you a lot. I just want to toast you a glass of wine. Isn't that acceptable?"

Robert had seen a lot of women's tricks. At first glance, he knew this woman just wanted to seduce him. Of course, he would not have a good expression on this woman.

"If you keep talking, I'll let the security guard kick you out."

Kayden's expression changed a little, but she immediately laughed again.

"I thought Mr. Simpson liked to save beauties. I just saw a young lady who was knocked out and taken away. Doesn't Mr. Simpson care about her? That woman was the woman you brought today."

changed all of

are you

only know that Mr. Simpson talked to that woman for a

only be Georgia, Robert's expression changed drastically, and

Take me

too much. He didn't think whether there was a trap in her

Georgia disappeared from the banquet. Robert took a look around and he was sure he couldn't see Georgia. He

now. I was afraid to rush out because I was afraid that they would do something to me, so I came over to

hearing, Robert rushed towards the

the other side, Robert picked up his mobile

to see what is going

to Jasper just now, it seemed like

He didn't elaborate on what happened. Jason could only call his butler over and ask the butler to call the security guard to investigate what was going on in the

backyard, he found that there was no one behind, and

at Kayden with

you, don't play tricks on me. Did you lie to me just now or something really

and then pulled Georgia who was tied up out of from the ground under

Georgia who was unconscious right away, and

it, what do you

the woman,

to buy you a


Robert asked coldly.

thing in

of thing. He looked at

me to drink it today, and you will escape my revenge. If you leave now, I can spare your

Kayden laughed directly.

just want to have a good memory with the person I like. I don't care about the ending. If

indifferently, she directly put the knife to

will kill this woman, don't think I wouldn't

moment and she had no idea about there was a knife

watched Georgia's neck oozing blood,

me the wine

finished saying that,

each circumstance. After drinking this glass of wine, you will definitely have no discomfort at all. You

only felt sick, he could only pick

Kayden burst out laughing.

you did such

already begun to appear

directly in front of

fainted, Robert pressed the

used to notify his bodyguards. Now he could only rely on his bodyguards to rescue him. He

Robert fainted, Emma walked over from

me this man, you can call it

Emma said this, Kayden

As for what he wants to do later, it depends on

said that, Emma realized that the woman in

you want

Emma finished speaking, Kayden walked forward and slashed at Emma's shoulder with her palm,

the other side, Kayden immediately let her people out, and then directly threw tied Robert and Georgia into

go. master has been waiting for us for a long time, and people from Murphy family will

that, the

he only found Emma who had fainted on the ground,

when he followed Jason and found his daughter fainted

get up, but she was

didn't know the whole thing clearly, he could only pull out the camera recording and then let his subordinates go

you should take Miss Lane to the

Owen could only calmly thank

to the

Jasper and Selena's room, Selena opened

and then she remembered that she was knocked

pain everywhere in her body and Selena immediately realized what had happened. She looked up grimly and

raised her

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