Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 122 Robert’s Father

The person behind the door was Jennifer. After being humiliated by Robert, she ran out of the Murphy’s in tears.

Jennifer didn’t want to go home, because she was afraid that she would be scolded by her parents for losing face in public.

So, Jennifer went to the nearest hotel to try to forget her sorrow with drinks.

But drinks could not help. Jennifer was drunk in the hotel room after she drank a lot.

When she woke up, she went out for buying more drinks.

But soon after she went out of her room, she found that Jason was in the hotel.

Jason was Robert’s good friend. With curiosity, Jennifer followed Jason secretly.

Jennifer found that Jason forgot to close the door after he came into a room. She quietly stood at the door and eavesdropped on the conversation from the room.

Jennifer wanted to hear about Robert, but she felt shocked when she heard Jason and Selena’s painful conversation.

Somehow at this moment, Jennifer had an evil idea.

She could neither let go of Robert nor watch him being happy.

She had loved Robert for more than ten years. She had been obsessed with Robert too much. Now that she could not have him, she would manage to destroy him.

Thinking of this, Jennifer turned around immediately and drove to the Murphy’s.

The Murphy family had been through a messy day and was still in a mess. Jennifer quietly walked into the Murphy’s and asked a servant.

“Where is Jasper’s room?”

The servant was confused. But this was Miss Johnson, the servant pointed to a room upstairs.

“That is Mr. Holland’s room.”

Jennifer nodded and smiled.

Then she asked the servant to open Jasper’s door and walked into the room.

Jasper was still lying on the bed unconsciously. Jennifer smiled.

She took off all her clothes. Then she lay on the bed and held Jasper.

Jasper didn’t wake up, but his body reacted.

Jennifer felt she got mad.

But she wanted a pregnancy.

Now that she could not marry Robert, she wanted to be his friend’s woman. When things happened today passed, his parents must force him to marry her.

Jennifer believed that Jasper could not get rid of it.

arrived home and a group

happened to Robert? Who is against our

crutch. He was the oldest one with

out who kidnapped

had a good temperament and stayed out of the Simpson’s

there still no news now? Where is Ivan? Didn’t he go to the

mother, Joanna Wallace

Ivan, Maisie thought of that she couldn’t get through Ivan. She was a bit unhappy. Maisie

arguing with a person and Robert asked him to leave ahead of time. I don’t

got worried at hearing Maisie’s

there something wrong with Ivan,

thought there must be someone who went against them.


be afraid now. Let’s try to call

But Maisie didn’t

Simpson family were whispering. Robert’s uncle, Alex Simpson walked to Maisie and

from the Murphy’s. The news had gone round, and the stock must

cast a cold look at Alex

you mean,

to be worried

have to find Robert back. But we could not ignore the company. If other families join together and seek chances to go against us at this time, if each of them attacks our family, we would be in danger. We have to assure the investors. So, we should let them know that Robert is missing and another person from our family will be in

words made sense and other people

old Mr. Simpson who talked to Maisie just now

it’s not the time to be willful. When Robert comes back, he still has the position. He has made a great success these years and we all know it. But now we couldn’t let other families take the chance

nodded. Maisie

Robert is missing. And now only you can

wanted to say yes,

not agreed on your decision. But these years, Marcel has made five companies go bankrupt and been out of the business of our family. If you let Marcel replace Robert, the staff could not be

ashamed instantly. He was

spent time travelling around the world with his wife and became an

Otherwise, he would have been

me, Maisie. I’m not good at

was willing to quit. Maisie

except for Marcel. They were ambitious. No

made her angry and even broke

Marcel to take place of Robert now, because

me what

Alex. She knew his ambition. He was

had been ambitious, and his business had gone well all

Alex would have taken charge of the Simpson family, and she would have yielded to him early. She was proud of her son who brought credit for

run the company. Don’t worry. People in the company all knew about my ability and they will believe me. If the investors know it is me to take over the company, they will feel relieved. And there

Maisie gritted her teeth

Alex added.

take Robert’s place as a CEO to run

But no one could tell whether Alex would return the place at

house to someone and you could not ask him to leave easily. It was a hard decision.

got a lot of enemies. If she did not

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