Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 125 Brother And Sister’s Scandal

Elliot screamed at them and Bailey Holland asked his son next to him helplessly.

"What the hell was going on? How did you and Jennifer Johnson sleep together? The Johnson family said that you must marry Jennifer, otherwise, their family will never forgive you. Do you really want us to be enemies forever?"

"Dad, how did I know it would become like this."

Jasper Holland's face was gloomy, and he also felt wronged.

He was drugged last night, and he asked Jason Murphy to find him a clean woman, but he didn’t expect that the woman he woke up holding was Jennifer.

This woman, Jennifer, chased his good buddy Robert Simpson for more than a decade, Jennifer was a joke to him. Now he was so headache as he slept this woman.

He would just give some money to let other woman slept with him go away, but Jennifer was different, she was the only daughter of the Johnson family.

For so many years, even the Simpson family had nothing to do with her. Because Robert always refused her firmly so the Johnson family had no way to force him.

However, he slept with their daughter now, and the Johnson family would definitely not let it go easily.

"You are too shameful to be aggrieved. No one asked you to flirt with women outside, which was irresponsible. You are in trouble now? Let me ask you one more time, will you marry Jennifer?"

Elliot asked him loudly and she had a good relationship with Jennifer's mother.

Honestly, she also persuaded Jennifer's mother not to spoil her daughter too much, because Jennifer chased after Robert for such a long time had become a joke in D City.

But at the moment this joke was actually possible to marry her son. Elliot didn't want Jennifer to be her daughter-in-law.

However, her son slept with Jennifer, she had to accept it. Otherwise, the Johnson family might really hate her family forever.

But it was ok probably Jennifer didn’t like her son after a few years and they two would get divorced.

But right now, the marriage really had to happen.

"Dad and Mom, do you really want me to marry Jennifer? You know that her heart is all for Robert. If I married her, she would definitely cheat on me."

After Jasper said that, Bailey directly slapped in Jasper’s face.

"It’s all because you flirt with women every day outside, and now you are getting retribution. I witness Jennifer’s grow-up. Apart from being obsessed with Robert, there is nothing wrong with other things. You should take the responsibility of a man now. Come, hurry up to apology to the Johnson family, and then propose to her."

Jasper was extremely unwilling to do so. He and his parents looked at each other while Selena Holland just walked in and she vaguely heard what her parents and Jasper said.

Selena did not hear clearly. As soon as she walked in, Jasper suddenly complained to her sister.

"Selena, please persuade mom and dad, they want me to marry Jennifer. You know that Jennifer is a shrew, if I married her, how can I have a peaceful life in the future!"

Selena didn't understand what was happening at home, so she asked her brother.

"Jasper, what’s going on here? Dad and Mom, why do you want Jasper to marry Jennifer?"

Baileysighed and Elliot coldly explained.

and let us prepare for the marriage proposal. They wanted to discuss the marriage. Your brother was not willing to marry Jennifer. Then he shouldn't have slept with Jennifer at the first place. Our hands were tied as things

said these words of resentment, Selena's face turned pale in an instant and she

was what mom said true? Were you

shaking when she asked, and

was her, how did I know that the woman yesterday was Jennifer. Selena,

drugged or drunk, things have

yelled to him, and Selena

"What’s wrong with her?"

thought of something and she warned

that you can’t go abroad now. If you dare to leave D City, I will freeze your bank accounts so even if you go abroad but you can’t spend even

Elliot said this, Jasper looked up to the

I will help find Robert first, and then we can discuss

after he woke up. He was taken back home by his pissed-off parents right

which made him feel that

Bailey nodded.

really need to help

looked at the proud expression of her son,

dad and I will go to the

had no choice

picked up her mobile phone in a panic and called

cry in her bedroom at this time to make her parents worried. Seeing her mobile phone rang, Jennifer walked into the bathroom with her

the person on

"Selena, what up?"

suddenly didn't know what to speak. Could she say that she was the one who was with Jasper last night? She knew Jennifer was lying and

knew it clearly that she could

you like Robert? Why do you

thinking about it, Selena

Jennifer laughed ruthlessly.

guys. I will marry your

Selena's face was

going to do? You

Jennifer sneered.

to marry your brother now, no

tell the truth to everyone immediately, I’m telling you, Jason also saw what happened in face. Do you think

Selena’s warn, Jennifer burst

know that you and your brother actually slept together. Guess what your mother and your dad would think about you after telling them... I really don’t


you, Jennifer, please, you don't like my brother. Marrying him will only hurt him and

she hurt her brother. Jennifer mocked loudly

am beautiful with a good family background. I go to top university with decent education. I don't think your brother could find anyone better than me. I won't care about

the phone directly. She turned off the faucet

a door-knocking right after

stupid, Jasper will

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