Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 126 She has to Survive

“Ms Holland, I’m Vanessa Cooke, Georgia’s best friend. I want to know what happened to Georgia, why didn’t she come for work today?”

Vanessa would have a daily phone call with Georgia to ask how Annie was doing.

Ever since she was discharged from the hospital, Vanessa returned to live in her previous flat.

But every night, Alfred would come the flat to humiliate her. Yet, Vanessa kept it all to herself.

Alfred would force her to watch those videos every night just to humiliate and torture her. Yet, Vanessa allowed Alfred to take his revenge.

She knew that Georgia’s research had reached a critical moment. She also knew that Annie was being taken care of by Robert and Georgia. So, Vanessa didn’t want to be a burden for Georgia.

She had been putting up with this humiliation from Alfred. Yet, when she talked to Georgia through phone every day, she always said that she was fine.

In fact, Vanessa knew very well that her mental state was on the verge of collapse.

Alfred didn’t know that when Vanessa was forced to watch those videos every day, her head was like buzzing and she was on the edge of collapse.

When she first had a mental breakdown, the doctor did a psychological examination. It was clear that her mental state was at risk and could fall into hysteria anytime.

But Vanessa kept it to herself. She didn’t tell neither Georgia nor Alfred about it.

After all, she was an orphan, and Alfred wanted to take his revenge on her, then she would be the sole target.

Vanessa thought to herself if she went insane or died, maybe Alfred’s revenge would also cease.

Back then, Alfred had taken Annie away once. So, Vanessa did not want Alfred to hurt those around her again. She would rather endure Alfred’s torture all by herself.

But Georgia wasn’t answering the phone. She phoned Alfred and asked him. However, Alfred humiliated her and stated that he didn’t do it.

Alfred was a man who had always been frank, and he would admit it if he had done it.

Vanessa then understood that the disappearance of Georgia had nothing to do with Alfred.

Now, Georgia was missing and Alfred told Vanessa that Robert was also missing. Vanessa was out of ideas.

As she thought about it, she called Selena first.

Selena was a police officer after all, so maybe she could pry some information out of her.

After Selena heard Vanessa’s question, she calmed herself down before answering Vanessa’s question.

“Last night, both Georgia and Robert were kidnapped and disappeared. Now the Simpson family is in chaos, everyone who is close to the Simpson family is looking for their news in hopes of finding Robert and Georgia. Both of them were kidnapped at the same time, but so far there is no news and information. I don’t know what’s the situation currently.”

She had locked herself in a hotel room for a whole night. And to be honest, Selena wasn’t sure of the progress of the case of Robert’s disappearance.

Confirming that this had really happened, she fell on the floor feeling extremely weak. She then asked Selena another question.

“Georgia and Robert were missing, what about Annie? What should Annie do now? Will something happen to her if she’s all alone in Robert’s villa?”

Selena was stunned by Vanessa’s words.

She hadn’t thought at all that Georgia’s daughter was living in Robert’s villa now. Were those two already living together too?

Selena thought this in her mind as she asked Vanessa.

“Do you want to go and check on Annie?”

Vanessa nodded affirmatively.

“Yes, I’m afraid that something will happen to Annie. Ms Holland, do you know where is Robert’s villa? I don’t know where the villa is though.”

Selena thought about it for a moment and she spoke to Vanessa.

“Where are you now? I’ll drive you there. If you go there by yourself, Robert’s villa will not let you in for sure, I’ll go there so they’ll let you in.”

Vanessa was very thankful to Ms Holland immediately.

you, Ms Holland,

After she hung up the phone, she immediately went to the station

Jennifer that Selena really didn’t want to further think about it now. As it would only make her even more distressed.

her brother would have taken another woman as his wife too. She tried

Vanessa hopped on the car, the two immediately drove to

place, Ivan had arrived to meet his

no news from Robert so far? There’s really no progress at

his family member, his parents told him that Robert was kidnapped and went missing. This made Ivan instantly

fast as he could

Maisie shook her head.

us and requested a ransom

until this point, her

felt a little better. She could just

As nemesis would only kill

a lot of patients worldwide and

his contacts and

people I know, and they will definitely help me find Robert. But right now, can’t you think

shook her head

of any. I can’t figure out who did it at all. Ivan, do you

looks like an enemy seeking revenge, I heard that Georgia was also kidnapped along with Robert. Auntie, is this

asked and Maisie nodded

If Robert didn’t try to save Georgia who had fainted, how has

with hatred and Ivan was a little

woman was no ordinary in his cousin’s heart. And now that his own cousin

or so, there was still no news coming in. Ivan was

even with our strong connections, we can’t find

looked coldly at

do you

this is very presumptuous, but what is more important than Robert’ life? I know that uncle is well-connected with various sector and groups. Since he left the Simpson family, there are many companies under his name that are doing well. There are people he knows all over the world, so if we ask uncle for help, this would definitely help

father again. Maisie’s heart vaguely throbbed

Ivan was right that nothing was more important

angry she was, and how Robert’s father had brought her so much pain, what was all that hatred worth

craziness disappeared and she came back to her senses at that moment. Without any news for more


as she picked up her phone, then dialled the number that hadn’t

a few dozen seconds later,

“Hello, who’s this?”

she heard the woman’s voice, Maisie clenched her hands to the point that her nails sank

his son is missing, and I


I’ll pass him

a minute, the voice of Robert’s father, Aidan came from the other side of

going on? Robert is

Aidan everything about yesterday’s

need to put aside our grudges and focus on finding our child. You have been away from him for so many years and absent from your

a promise to

get my people to look into it right away. I’ll

those words, he hung up the phone and the woman next to him asked


took the woman into

away. You don’t have to worry about it, just get

person called Lindsey

doing. I’ll go out and

as he watched the woman sway and leave. He picked up his own mobile phone and called his subordinates. Ordering

phone call to people he knew around the world and after

years, Aidan never regretted it. He left all the assets of the Simpson family

asked him if he didn’t want the Simpson family’s assets, he would agree to divorce. He didn’t hesitate to leave the Simpson family’s assets

was more than ten years, and to Aidan’s surprise, he would receive a call from Robert’s mother

this time it turned out that

on his impulses when he was younger and failed

Aidan felt that he should be really doing his

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