Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison

Chapter 629 Rachel Didn’t Die

Adam looked at Vanessa.

"You didn’t look for the child. Is it because you lost your memory? Sorry, I didn't know about it before. I thought it was your choice. I thought you didn't want the child and you wanted to be with Alfred, so I didn't interfere in your life."

"Mr. Kerr, after I gave birth to the baby and woke up, I lost all my memories. I thought Alfred and I were a nice couple. I haven't regained my memories until now. When can you take me to see the baby? It has been several months. He should be growing now. I remember that you said he is a boy. I haven't seen him since he was born. Did I make a mistake in the gender?"

Vanessa was no longer flustered. She trusted Mr. Kerr for no reason. She had been locked up in a villa before, but the servants treated her well, and Mr. Kerr respected her very much.

Now she suddenly met Mr. Kerr again. Although she was surprised, and she didn't know why he knew Elsie, Alfred, and Wilson, she just wanted to know where her child was.

"It's a heavy boy with a weight of 8 pounds. Now he can crawl on the bed. If you want to see him, I can take you there at any time. I have a private plane here, and we can take it immediately to see the child."

Vanessa felt much more relieved now. She was now not in a hurry to see the baby, because they really needed to figure out what had happened in the past year.

"Adam, when you first saw me, did you already know I am Vanessa’s sister? After all, I look exactly like my sister."

Elsie asked Adam again. Adam nodded.

"Of course I know your relationship, but I didn't investigate her identity on purpose. I thought she chose to be with Alfred voluntarily, so I didn't go to interfere in her life."

After Alfred finished his words, Elsie spoke again.

"You once said that you suffered a great loss from Alfred. I don't think that you would allow Alfred to take her away just after she gave birth to the baby. What happened at that time? Of course, if you know why my sister was pregnant with your baby, please tell me the reason too."

Instead of answering these questions, Adam turned to look at Vanessa.

to know the answers to

Of course, she wanted to know the answers. She was also

hope you can tell

her grandson or granddaughter. This was her last wish, so I agreed to this request. However, there is a strange problem with the men in my family. It’s difficult

I don't know what happened in the hospital, and a woman named Rachel has stolen something in the hospital and finally made you pregnant. I later found out this.

a woman was pregnant with my child successfully. At last, I took you to that villa. It was not easy for me to have a baby, so I had to make sure that you would give birth to him. Alfred wanted to take you to have an abortion at that time, so I took that opportunity to

free. This was the reason why you were pregnant. I haven't found out how Rachel could do it, but the baby is indeed our child. After the baby was born, I also did a paternity test

Vanessa smiled bitterly.

did it. She is a paranoid woman. To be with Alfred and destroy my life, she was even willing to have a baby of Alfred and me, which drove both Alfred and me crazy. I was not surprised by her action later to make me pregnant. I don’t know your identity, but I can guess from Elsie's and Wilson's attitudes towards you. I was pregnant with your child at that time, which

sighed. Rachel's plan

even suspected that

to separate her and Alfred. She didn't believe that this woman would

held Wilson's hand and sighed,

so many things alone. To be honest, I'm

little worried. Such a plan was so

between him and Elsie, or he would also be

hated dealing with this kind of messy

Adam smiled.

pretended to be dead.

did you watch Alfred take my sister away? I don't believe that Alfred

as he heard this, and he looked a little embarrassed, but he

your sister gave birth to the baby, Alfred didn't do anything noticeable, but on that

a plan B. My mother had a goddaughter who was in poor health and had ever saved me from a kidnapper when I was a child, so I owed her. The doctor said she couldn’t live long. When your sister gave birth to the child, she came

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