Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 557 Photos Process

Calvin put his little hand on Violet's face and said seriously, "Don't worry, Mommy, I won't mess around, I know what to do."

After the last time something happened to Arya, he realized that even though he was smart, he was still a little kid, and when he met an adult, he still lost.

So he wouldn't mess around or be naughty and take Arya around, knowing that Ivy and his uncle were watching them from the shadows all the time, trying to deal with them.

"Good, I gotta go." Violet stood up.

"Bye Mommy." The two children waved at her.

Violet nodded with a smile, turning towards the lounge door.

After leaving the lounge, Violet closed the door behind her and looked at the few bodyguards standing at the door, she spoke to two of them, "The kids are in your hands, if anything happens to them, I will only seek your responsibility."

She said with a majestic face.

The two bodyguards straightened their backs, "Don't worry, Mr. Murphy, we will protect the kids."

"Very well, as long as you protect them properly, neither I nor your president will give you bonus and benefits." Violet put away her majesty and revealed a satisfied smile.

She knew very well that it was not enough to warn and threaten to make a person loyal, but also to lure them in money and material things.

It was like a slap on the wrist and a candy bar.

Sure enough, when the two bodyguard bodies heard about the bonus and benefits, a joyful look appeared in their eyes as they both hurriedly responded, "Yes, Mrs. Murphy."

Violet nodded and turned to walk away.

Several of the remaining bodyguards, except for the two that had just been there, followed her.

With the most people at the competition, naturally more bodyguards were needed to protect her.

Today's competition was difficult.

It should be noted that as more and more players were eliminated, the difficulty of the competition, began to grow gradually.

Violet even heard some of the designers sighing, saying they couldn't keep up with the competition.

While she sympathized, she wouldn't help.

and everyone wanted

an elimination

thought, Violet took a deep breath, suppressing the sympathy inside her and began to immerse

to the noon break, Violet handed in the design and prepared to go back to the lounge

could take a few steps, she was stopped

each other, neither of them were the least bit surprised, they only saw words in each

delivered to the competition avenue, and now the box in the staff's hand would be just

gift from your friend who asked me to send it over for

smiled and

staff member waved his hand and crossed

away, Linda snatched the box from Violet's hand, "Damn it, it was really

put the box to her ear and shook it vigorously, trying to

sounds coming from inside were muffled

can, "Well, Violet, don’t open it, in case there are cockroaches in

Violet nodded, "Let's go."

box away, and she planned to do so

because she's received this 'surprise' so many times, she didn't even react too much when she

two continued

door saw them coming and

and led Linda inside

were watching TV and when they saw the two come in, they immediately climbed off the couch and ran over,

yet, we have to continue this afternoon." Violet picked up the

a few months ago,

she wouldn't have been able

already brought the food over." Linda said with glowing eyes

knew that Ivy was over there, Stanley had asked Violet not to dine at the restaurant, because Ivy might have

day to buy food and send it to Violet and the

were not sure which restaurant they were going to eat at every day,

saw that, let's go eat first." Violet said with a smile as she took

a sudden knock

down her chopsticks and looked

just came by and said a friend of yours

that, the bodyguard handed a box from behind with

the box, Violet's

the table, "Shit, it came again, usually

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