Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 558 Stanley Arrives

The bodyguard immediately responded, "It's been burned."

Violet nodded in satisfaction, "Good."

Although those photos were fake, it was still a trouble when they were out there. People with bad intention would use them to create rumors, and some brainless masses would be led to believe it.

And this happens time and time again in the entertainment industry.

"I have told the boss about this matter." The bodyguard added.

Violet looked at him, "And what was his reaction?"

"He is angry and told us to step up our guard and catch Ivy the next time she delivers one of these." The bodyguard replied.

Violet rubbed her brow, "It's not easy to catch her, Ivan is behind her."

"He knows, so he asked me to inform you not to return to the villa for the next two days." The bodyguard said.

Linda asked in surprise, "Where shall we go?"

"Stay right here, the competition organizer has arranged rooms for you, you will be informed in a moment. The boss said that as long as you don't leave here, Ivy will not let anyone else deliver anything. She will only let the staff deliver it on her behalf, in this way, we can inform all the staff that as soon as Ivy shows up, she will be caught no matter which staff she gets to deliver something." The bodyguard explained.

Linda's eyes widened in delight, "Violet, that's a good idea."

Violet nodded, "Yes, as long as it's fixed in one place, you can indeed get all the staff to mobilize and catch Ivy."

"Then do so." Linda said.

Violet nodded, and then said to the bodyguard, "I know, go inform the organizer and have them give a meeting to all the staff."

"Okay." The bodyguard immediately responded.

Violet then went to the competition with Ivy.

Due to the increasing difficulty of the competition, nowadays, the eliminations were not decided on the same day as before.

decided until the next day, or

not be until the day after tomorrow, and tomorrow was when all the contestants

get their designs drawn and their clothes made, and even more so, they haven't gotten started

had only chosen the fabric to

over, Violet and Linda

organizers had arranged two guest rooms, and Violet chose the largest one to stay with her two

stayed in such a place, frankly speaking, it was quite new. The competition avenue included many original designs of well-known designs, as well as some high-definition collector's edition

have time to watch it due to being busy with the competition, but now she

bodyguards over, "From

of the bodyguards shook his head,


nodded, "I suppose

to her bodyguard again, "Keep an eye out, and if she comes, catch

"Yes." The bodyguard replied.

go to the competition." Violet looked over at Linda and rubbed

left the

would be able to hear the

the staff of the competition

thinking if Ivy would show

including the evening, Ivy did not

not receiving the box for a day, Violet still

to arrest her, so she did not venture out?" After taking a shower, Violet voiced her suspicions to

night on

business today, in another country, and the time was about the same

had just finished showering at this moment as well, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping his damp hair with a towel, his whole person looked, instead of his usual high and elite demeanor, only lazy and

the towel on the back of his neck and held the phone in both hands, looking at the woman in it, "Of course, it's also possible that she did it on

my guard?" Violet

you received those three days in a row, she thought she scared you, so she stopped for a while. When you thought she wouldn't send anymore and became relaxed, and then suddenly another one was sent, what do you think the reaction

cocked her head in thought, "That must have been a bigger

it's possible that's what she's after."

"That's a

some people, so what if it's shitty as long as they can

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