Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 560 Lie Detector

When she entered, the first one Violet saw was Stanley.

He was sitting behind his desk looking at something while a woman was lying on the couch across from him.

The woman's hair covered her face, so Violet couldn't see what she looked like, but she was very tall as Linda.

Linda exclaimed, "Holy shit, this woman is a model?"

A model?

Violet frowned and didn't think much of it as she walked straight towards the man, "Stanley."

"You're here." Stanley put down the information in his hands and looked up at her.

Violet nodded.

Stanley asked again, "Have you had breakfast?"

"No." Violet replied.

Stanley's expression was a bit unpleasant, "Why don't you eat before coming over?"

"I can't wait." She pouted as she walked over and wrapped her arms around the man, shaking him slightly.

Stanley was not unhappy at once.

On the sidelines, Linda looked at them in wonder.

Sure enough, no man could resist the pampering of a beautiful woman.

"Honey, what's wrong with this woman?" Violet let go of Stanley's arm and pointed at the woman on the sofa.

A cold ray of light erupted from Stanley's eyes, "Fainted from shock."

"Fainted from shock?" Linda looked confused.

Violet was curious, "How did that happen?"

"When Fraser caught her, she probably knew she was doomed, so she passed out, and when I came, she was already like this." Stanley looked at the woman and said coldly, "And you guys know her."

"We know her?" Violet and Linda glanced at each other.

Finally Linda stepped forward and ruffled the hair covering the woman's face, and then a familiar face revealed.

Linda's voice

more than that, she was

realize that these

had poked around her connections, and that was why she had bought

wake her up." Violet pursed her red

Linda nodded, "Okay."

looked around to see if there was a

around, the large office had nothing but

choice, Linda had to roll up her sleeves, grabbed Luna's collar, lifted Luna's entire body up,

Violet almost choked on her saliva, not expecting Linda

his eyebrows in surprise and some

satisfied that with friends like Linda and Jessie, who had fiery tempers

Linda and Jessie would

hit me?"

face and sat up, about to freak out, then she saw the three

Luna's face went pale and she was to pass

However she did not.

out, she would be slapped awake like that just

What do you want?" Luna clenched her fists and looked at the three of

us or you that

and gazed at Luna, "How did you

looked puzzled, "Who are

Ivy who paid you off to send those boxes, right?"

when she heard the word box, but she still refused to admit it, "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't

Stanley asked suddenly as he narrowed his

met his eyes,

upon hearing his question, she instantly lowered her

at each other, "Violet, do you think what

lips and

who really means to lie to make it impossible to tell if it's true or not, if they are

think?" Violet

corners of Stanley's

pushed the door in,

lie detector."

that, she perked up, "Violet, this is good, as long as she lies, she'll definitely be twitching with

She pointed at Luna.

fear and she shook her

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