Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 561 Luna's Account

Luna nodded her head repeatedly, indicating that he was right and that she had indeed not lied.

Violet narrowed her eyes, "Then, you do not know Ivy?"

"I've never even heard of that name." Luna added.

Violet stared at her carefully for a while, and then looked at the lie detector, and finally determined that what she said was true.

It was true that Luna didn't know Ivy and wasn't bought off by her.

That means ......

Violet clenched her palms, "Those boxes were from you?"

"What box? I don't understand." Luna's heart tightened and she replied.

No sooner had she said it, however, than the lie detector under her hand lit up red and ticked.

Then, the lie detector emitted a powerful electric sound, and immediately afterwards, Luna was electrocuted, shivering with electricity and letting out a scream.

Seeing this, Fraser and Linda hurriedly let go of her, lest they be electrically transmitted by the human body.

When Stanley saw Luna being electrocuted, his expression didn't change in the slightest, he just looked at her coldly.

Only after the lie detector had automatically stopped discharging did Violet speak again, "You still are not willing to tell the truth?"

Luna was really scared by the electricity, whimpered and cried, tears and snot one her face.

"I say it, I say it." She dared not lie again and hastily answered, "It was my own intention; I did everything myself."

Linda looked at the lie detector that gave the green light and smiled, "Mr. Murphy, she didn't lie this time."

Stanley gave a nod, indicating that he knew.

Luna, however, was furious.

caught delivering boxes for the past three days, and after stopping for two days without delivering them because of something that had

She hated these people!

why are you doing this?" Violet asked

thought it was all Ivy's doing, but she didn't

when Ivy's tactics had gotten so low, only scaring her, and all those ruthless tactics from

was not Ivy, that

...... I ......" Luna's

pushed her, "Hurry up

as she looked at Violet, "Why,

She yelled loudly.

modeling career?

She just felt baffled.

the back of her hand to tell her not

that she didn't care

Violet ruin your modeling career, can

have been kicked out of the international competition because I was Pennie's model, and I wouldn't have had no money on me to take some lowly magazine and never be able to enter the high end market

asked you to be Pennie's model? Was it Violet who asked you to take this


pooh-poohed at her, "Pennie cheated, it's not fair to the other contestants and models, and it's even more criminal for Pennie to cheat, is it wrong for Violet to expose her? Who are you to blame everything on Violet because of this? Blame Pennie, blame yourself for why you

the competition. Pennie was banned, you didn't, you can continue to be your model as usual, try to become a top model, but you yourself never thought about it. Your business ability is not good, and you don't think about developing your business ability properly, instead, for the sake

Violet looked at Luna.

mouth opened to retort that it wasn't like that, but the words wouldn't come out

fact, she knew in her heart that it was all about

to dump the blame on someone else

on with all this." Stanley stood up with his hands in his trouser pockets, "What was the purpose of you sending those things to my wife, just to intimidate

didn't want to admit

Linda, who knew her best, spoke up at once, "Don't lie, I'm turning the power of the lie detector to the highest, if you dare to lie, you'll be electrocuted all over your body, then your blood vessels will burst and you'll be almost dead. You're the only one left in your family, if you're half dead, who will take care

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