Daddy! Mommy Is Pregnant Again

Chapter 564 Aimee Chambers

Because international competitions were not only held for clothing, but also for jewelry, shoes and hats, etc. By the time all design competitions reach the quarter finals, two different circles of design would have to be paired and collaborated.

For example, clothing collaborated with jewelry, shoes with hats.

So she and Aimee, they were such partner.

"Yeah, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to break into the finals, but I didn't expect to make it. Violet, this year, I don't know why there are so many talented designers out here." Aimee spat out with a sigh.

Violet nodded, "I know, and so does my side, so we have to be careful in the next competition, and we l have to bring out our full strength."

"You're right." Aimee agreed, then thought of something and asked again, "Right, Violet, how about your models? Because of the collaboration with clothing, the next jewelry we design will be made and given to models to wear together for the show, so I want to know if your models are excellent."

In previous jewelry design competitions, they jewelry designers didn't have models wearing the jewelry to exhibit, but rather they used jewelry stands to exhibit.

But this time it was different, it was going to be worn with a live model.

Violet looked to Linda and smiled at Linda's puzzled gaze, "Don't worry, she's excellent and she has the same personality as Jessie, you'll like her."

"That's good." Hearing her say that, Aimee was instantly relieved and patted her chest, "Okay Violet, I won't talk to you first, I'm still packing my bags. I'll come to your side tomorrow, pick me up from the airport then."

"Okay." Violet responded.

The call ended and Linda took her hand, "Violet, who is it? I thought you guys mentioned me."

Violet picked up the milk with one hand and took a sip, "Aimee Chambers, a jewelry designer of the younger generation, for the next competition, we have combined clothing design and jewelry design to work together, so my partner is Aimee. I told you about it at the opening of the competition."

Linda slapped her forehead, "I really forgot it, so next, I'm her model too?"

"That's right." Violet nodded her head.

Linda rubbed her cheek with a bitter smile, "Now I'm even more stressed."

"I understand, but it's also a good thing, in the future you won't be limited to only walking in shows for clothing, or only shooting magazines for clothing, the jewelry design circle maybe look for you too." Violet patted the back of her hand, gesturing for her not to worry.

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"That's right." Violet nodded.

"I know, I will perform well and bring out all my strength, even if I

Violet smiled.

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rubbed her belly and nodded,

over half a year, and this belly of yours is almost six months old." Aimee put her hand on Violet belly

said, "It's exactly six months, that's when I got pregnant shortly after you left J

I've met Calvin and Arya, they're so cute. This baby will definitely be just as cute as Calvin

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eyes were glowing, "So you're Violet's model, I saw you when I just came out. Your neck and legs are very slender, not

Linda before speaking, "Yeah, she was born to be a model,

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hand, "I'll be having a solo design show right after

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She was too lucky.

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international competition is over,

Linda looked to Violet.

Violet nodded towards her.

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