Darling, Don't Get Rid of Me

Chapter77 It’s So Cute

Wesley, however, was not so pleased, “Change it name.” he commanded.

“Why? Do you also want to control a pet’s name?”

Harriet seemed a little annoyed, as if she had missed the details of the name collision, and it almost seemed like a random choice, but Wesley knew that the women were talking glibly.

Molly felt a little embarrassed, although she was a little dull, but somehow also a qualified assistant, so she coughed to break the atmosphere of embarrassment.

“Yes, Mr. Smith, this name sounded very good, and also with your name repeated...”

In the end, Molly’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, and finally she realized that she said something wrong.

Harriet was immediately embarrassed. She had hoped her little assistant would help her out

“There is no business for you here.”Wesley said to Molly.

Molly looked at Harriet with a look of regret and concern, but Harriet said to her breezily, “You go home, and I’ll contact you later.”


“It doesn’t matter.” Harriet winked at her with a wink. Molly knew that she would continue to make trouble if she stayed here, so she turned away and left.

Wesley snapped as soon as Molly left, “I know you become bold lately, but I never thought you’d be so bold.”

Harriet felt so innocent, “Mr. Smith, you think too much. It just sounds like your name, I think it has nothing to do with you. What’s more, there are lots of name sounding like yours.”

“If you give it this name casually, then now you change it casually.” Wesley looked down at the cat, “then call it Harry.”

Harriet frowned. At the moment she thought Wesley was a little childish.

“He’s used to the name. I am afraid that he doesn’t understand another name.” Harriet shouted at the cat Harry, but the cat did not looked up.


also turned to look

to and fro at his feet, and its obedient manner made him think of the woman in front of him, but still

and he probably wouldn’t touch a furry animal like this. So she picked up the cat and smiled at the

if something had to do with her, he thought it was

at Wesley being relaxed, Harriet immediately changed the subject, put the little orange cat on

Just give me poached


“I come here not to

if not, I’ll entertain you so well that you can’t go home hungry.”

seemed know what she was thinking about, so he asked, “Have you taken any medicine these two days?”

body these days, but when thinking that he wanted her to get better so that she could serve him, then she did not feel moved

I have to keep taking the pills for a few

my god? Why?”

either, but I have to follow the doctor’s suggestion. Well, you can


make you happy through making

she had a miscarriage, and had a major operation during the miscarriage, so it was quite true that she was now very weak, even if

more, she’s been shot because of Wesley, which made her health even worse, so every time she

for these after-effects, not

seriously, “Now that you know it, you need to get fit quickly. I don’t need a body to look at.”

and cold words, Harriet felt a pang in her heart but forced the pain down.

and the

cheating on a man who

will get well as soon as possible and live up to your good wishes.” Harriet said, working at the kitchen, “But you has a fiancee. Isn’t it

none of your business.”

turned and laid the golden poached egg on the table, sighing, “I know I have no right to ask, but

glowed and looked at

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