Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4286 The Maximum Number Of In And Out Holes

A long time ago, Yellow Thearch, Divine Farmer, and Othniel also attempted to destroy many provinces in the Source World.

Back then, they used the Minimum Spaces' flames to burn down about three hundred provinces.

However, they weren't fully destroyed.

Although life was burned, the substances that comprised them were still there, and the foundation for nurturing these substances was still present.

The entire sea was evaporated by the blazing flames, but the water just turned into rain and returned to the ground.

However, this time, the Evil God transformed all the materials in the world into pure energy that formed the enormous In and Out Holes. This kind of drastic destruction would never be reversed.

In the face of the aggressive and terrifying downgrader, the Evil God could only come up with such a method.

Meanwhile, in the Burial Land, a blue light film was unfolded in front of the downgrader.

At the center of this light film, a huge sphere appeared. This sphere was actually the Source World, and its surface was covered with dark blue spots.

"Ha-ha! What are you thinking?" The downgrader let out a loud burst of laughter. "Turning such a massive amount of materials into pure energy is like quenching your thirst by drinking poison. Let's see how long you could hold on."

At the same time, on the jadeite platform, there was also a blue light film that appeared in front of Zen. From it, Zen could sense the miserable situation the Evil God was in.

"It seems that the Evil God has already consumed more than a hundred provinces. So many living beings in the Source World have suffered and were sacrificed," Zen said with a frown on his face.

"Well, from the perspective of the Evil God, he is doing the right thing," Kincaid said. "It is necessary to sacrifice those provinces, or else, all of the creatures of the Source World would be annihilated."

"But if all the materials of the Source World are consumed, then there's no point in fighting," the Snake Goddess remarked.

Zen nodded as his thoughts aligned exactly to what the Snake Goddess said.

However, Hilario, who had kept silent all this time, suddenly said, "It's still early to say that..."

Kincaid, Zen, the Snake Goddess, and the others looked at him as they heard what he said.

As the leader of the Bold Conjecture House, Hilario was known to be an extremely knowledgeable and talented person. At this moment, he might have other insight that none of them had thought of yet.

a space channel?" Hilario then asked them.

and the others nodded. It was, in fact, very easy

of his fingers. Suddenly, a power of space burst out from his

a second space channel was formed. Then,

seconds, he was able to construct a thousand space channels.

do?" Even Kincaid was quite confused at what Hilario was trying

continued to build numerous space channels. When he had created about one thousand and five hundred space channels, these space channels between his hands suddenly became extremely unstable. The originally well-arranged space channels started to intertwine with each other, and

his hands and

is it related to what the Evil God is

to state her hypothesis. "The number of space channels in an area should only be limited. If there are too

had actually done similar experiments before, but she didn't think of this

as he kind of understood

contained in the In and Out Holes is several times stronger. Like what I've demonstrated earlier, if there would be many In and Out Holes in the same area, they will all

how many In and Out Holes can this area bear?" Kincaid

"I can't say

be destroyed?" Fuxi asked as he started to understand

Hilario still shook his

he could only speculate based on his own knowledge. Besides, it was the first time that someone

released twenty-first set of In and

another set of In and Out Holes was released by

set, making it the

competition that took place after the needle appeared became anticlimactic.

wouldn't end up in a stalemate, because the

Soul Realm warriors and the Eternal Realm warriors on his side would cringe and show a depressed expression. However, they didn't dare to say anything to the Evil God.

At the

in the area to sixty-two. The needle

thirty provinces and released a

this moment, something unusual started

surroundings of the black

unusual thing was that the distorted ripples around this black hole also appeared in other

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