Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4288 The Collision Of Worlds

Being smashed, the Source World released a massive amount of fragments.

The largest of the fragments were several trillions of miles long and wide, while the smaller ones were thousands of miles long. They formed a spreading band of debris that floated up and down.

After the needle smashed the Source World, it rebounded in the opposite direction, then swung back. Eventually, the vacillations slowed, and the needle stopped moving, returning to its original form.

Fuxi, the Snake Goddess, Yasamin, Eastern Emperor Taiyi, and the other natives of the Source World looked at their broken world with silent sorrow.

They had been born and raised in the Source World. It was their home. Its utter destruction was a heavy cross to bear, and they felt heartbroken at the loss.

At the moment, however, they had little time to nurse their grief.

Once the needle had returned to its original straight form, it began extending further and further. It was aimed now at the primitive land.

The Burial Land also sped up, keeping parallel with the primitive land.

As everyone watched, a few minutes later, the point of the needle came very close to the primitive land.

Just as it was about to pierce the land, a new set of In and Out Holes had been formed.

Because the primitive land had already left that chaotic space, Zen could easily release a new set of In and Out Holes.

The black hole sucked in the needle, and the white hole spat it out.

The needle was now heading towards the Burial Land, which was flying parallel to the primitive land.

As the needle drew closer, another set of In and Out Holes appeared. Immediately the needle vanished into the black hole and was sent back over the primitive land.

This was the same situation as before—except this time, the Source World was gone, and the fierce battle between the three worlds had turned into a desperate contest between the remaining two.

The key point was that both sides were moving. This was important, because it prevented the space around them from collapsing due to the number of holes being created.

Ideally, with an infinite energy source, an infinite number of holes could be summoned, letting the needle bounce from one point to another for countless repetitions.

Strange sounds were released as the enormous needle moved in space.

It almost sounded like the splashing of waves and the howling of wind, at the same time.

huge needle zigzagged back and forth, it released the noise of

been broken, so the sound was clearly transmitted to everyone

was patient. He mechanically released the holes

ask, "How long will you be able to keep doing

course not," the downgrader replied calmly.

going to do?"

cool and steady. "I need you

said the Snake Spirit King, sounding startled and confused.

there was no question about his fighting abilities. The Snake Spirit

stood right now, there was no other role


bright white ring had enveloped the king's head—the embryo of

Spirit King looked down at the white ring, his eyes widening.


have to send the hole over?" said the Snake

His manner left absolutely no room for negotiation. The Snake Spirit King was not fully

environment. After the

leapt up. Moving with quiet precision, he landed on the silver needle and attached

Spirit King was relatively large compared to many other creatures, but compared to the gigantic needle he was tiny. Moreover, since the downgrader had helped him to hide himself, it was virtually impossible to see him with the naked eye.

another strange, buzzing and sloshing sound, the needle once again changed its

In and Out Holes had appeared, and the needle was now

presence of the Snake Spirit King. He simply released new holes, planning to keep sending the

that instant, the shadow of a snake detached itself from

the white ring had expanded into a massive white hole. As Zen watched with astonishment, a corner

in the center of the

boom, the two worlds

started to shake. So did the

the Snake Goddess, and the others had not expected this

blood red sky had been torn apart, revealing a sharp corner of the Burial Land drilling in. Meanwhile, they saw the shadow

King was slightly dazed, for he had also felt the brunt of the impact. Nevertheless, he was

in!" he cried.

of black Troubled Creatures rushed out. There were so many of them that it was impossible to count. They surged out of the

was a buzz as a figure suddenly appeared in front of the

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