Zen slightly raised his right hand.

More invisible blades emerged and shot towards the space doors.

As they penetrated through the bodies of the Troubled Creatures, these blades hit the surface of the space doors.

Whoosh! Crack!

The space doors were actually as fragile as a piece of glass in the face of Zen's invisible blades. He was able to effortlessly break them into pieces.

However, just as Zen shattered them, more space doors suddenly appeared around him.

With this, more Troubled Creatures continued to swarm and rush out.

Zen couldn't help but snort at the sight of all the new Troubled Creatures that surfaced, but he just continued to attack them and kill them off without breaking a sweat.

At the same time, the Burial Land could witness the merciless death of the Troubled Creatures.

Although it seemed that these Troubled Creatures were flooding the area, it only took Zen a few moments before he finished them off.

As the number of the space doors increased, Zen also released more and more blades. The rate at which he killed the Troubled Creatures was much faster than their appearance. That was why he was able to fully obliterate them along with the space doors.

However, after killing them off, Zen suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with the bodies that he had slain.

After Zen had successfully killed them off, their corpses didn't actually fall to the ground. Instead, they floated in the air as if they weren't affected by gravity. From afar, they looked like black insects in various shapes that hovered over a large area.

"Did you finally realize?" The Snake Spirit King's voice sounded in a contemptuous tone. "Too bad for you, it's too late!"

The black corpses began to move and merged with the other bodies until they formed a humongous hand that attempted to grab Zen.

"Is that it?" Zen said with an unimpressed tone.

He then narrowed his eyes and gathered his power. He summoned countless invisible blades that formed a storm around him, spinning from top to bottom.

However, as soon as the invisible blades were about to set out, they were suddenly destroyed.

"What the hell happened?"

Zen was taken aback and was confused at the sudden turn of events.

you think that this is still your territory?

by the Troubled Creatures. This

Prepare to die!"

the Troubled


body was crushed

you get for being too arrogant. You're only human. How

in the middle of his sentence, surprised at what he saw

him with an indifferent expression and said, "The bodies of the Troubled Creatures are actually filled with the energy of the Pollution Extreme Form, which is a kind of energy to contaminate the space. I've never used it before,

the jadeite platform, while the Snake Spirit King was facing his avatar. He could actually summon as many avatars as he could if he wanted to.

"You arrogant bastard!"

Zen's mockery that he was

black corpses and formed a huge hand again, aiming directly at Zen.

another avatar

balls of light the size of marbles condensed behind him.

power, but rather from the Purification Extreme

Whoosh! Whoosh!

balls of light rained on the

drilled into them one

corpses quickly faded and turned into the color of the flesh.

and gave off a terrifying aura. Soon enough, the contaminated

able to do anything about the Pollution Extreme Form. As a result, he would have no way to prevent the downgrader from polluting and devouring his entire primitive land. But now, it didn't even take him

in, they still wouldn't be able to do anything with Zen." The Snake Goddess assessed that the situation

was sulking a bit because he had been itching to fight in this war. However, Zen had already

to hide behind the Snake Spirit King and these weak creatures? I didn't expect that you were such a spineless coward!" Zen continued to unleash his invisible blades to kill the Troubled Creatures. From time to time, he would use the Purification Extreme Form when the black corpses had already accumulated to

with you personally! You're not even worth his effort!" the

the same time, several

Troubled Creatures that were more peculiar

huge space doors opened, ginormous Troubled Creatures rushed out one after another. There were giant snakes with multiple heads, ghosts with long arms, spiders with several legs,

You think that these could make a

glanced at all the creatures with a

their obviously larger bodies, these Troubled Creatures were no stronger than the

He just increased the number of invisible blades to

no time, they were

King didn't stop summoning these Troubled Creatures. More and more of them came in various forms and sizes, fearlessly rushing


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