Desperate Lovers

Chapter 214 Don't Go Too Far!

"My brother asked me when I am going to leave tonight, and he wanted to know where I am living now." Angela grasped the corner of her dress tightly and said with a slightly trembled voice.

James raised his eyebrows slightly, "Is that so?"

Angela swallowed saliva unnaturally. Her heart jumped so quickly that it almost jumped out of her throat. What did he mean by that?

"James, don't go too far!" Greyson stared at James with red eyes, "Even if my sister is your girlfriend, there's no need for her to tell you everything she told me! She's a human being, not a pet that belongs to you alone!”

James glanced at Greyson lightly and said with obscure eyes, "What else can you do besides yelling at me?"

"What I can do is none of your business!" Greyson gritted his teeth.

James snorted lightly, "Useless."

"Who is useless? Tell me clearly. Say it again if you have the guts." Greyson didn't like James no matter what he said. Even it was only his hair fell on the ground, Greyson would find it unpleasant.

"Shut up!" Luna covered Greyson's mouth and reprimanded him. Then she turned to look at James, "Greyson drank some wine before he came, and he behaves badly after he got drunk."

Greyson was still struggling but when he saw Angela's slightly furrowed brow. He mumbled, prized Luna's hand, and grimaced without saying another word.

"I still don't know when I'll go back tonight." They still had to finish the show, so Angela said, "And my brother is not yet healed. You can come to see the place I live some other day."

Greyson stared attentively at James and snorted with a grimace.

"I see that Mr. Chante and Mr. Chante are looking at this way. Greyson, Luna, you had better go to be with them first." Angela was worried that her brother might leak something if he continued to stay here.

as her, "Before coming here, Mom and Dad said

Angela nodded her head.

But Greyson still looked back every now and

short time apart but your brother is so sad. He seems to extremely care about you today." James looked at Greyson's back

hanging around felt weak, "My brother has always been so good to me. Unlike you, you sometimes treat me well, but treat me

sun shining through the window, the collar of his shirt cast a shadow

wrong?" Angela looked up at him and her

helped her put her hair behind her ear. Then he said in a dry voice,

not used to be so intimate with him, so she took a few steps back to stand away from her. Then they looked into each other's eyes without talking. Time seemed to stop

an arm on Angela's shoulder and

around and saw Timothy. Then she saw Timothy, who dressed as a bride standing behind her, there was cruelty on her face with

She reached out and tried to pull Timothy's hand on her shoulder away. But someone was faster than her, as James had already dragged

who pulled her away, but when she found who he was, she

Angela and looked down at the red marks on her shoulder caused by Timothy's nails. His eyes sank

she suddenly realized something and said, "I am now with Mr. Lewis, and not an escort from the

slightly and

big deal?" The sweat on Timothy's forehead was dripping out, "Bitc ... Angela, the wedding is about to start, and you must watch

knew a lot of gossips today. Some of them just came to watch the fun, some

making a mess

of Mr. Lewis and the Lewis family will be ruined by this new

marriage, the Lewis family and the

Timothy is so vulgar and brainless,

the whispering of the guests. The smile on her face froze as

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