Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1105 A Good Appetite Is a Blessing

"What's the matter?"

Seeing that Nicole was in a trance, Samuel asked.

Looking at Lucas who got off the car behind her, speechless, Nicole chuckled, "I forgot to send Lucas to the Hawk's."

Lucas curled his lips with dissatisfaction.


Although it was the truth, Lucas felt that mommy care less about his feelings.

Gloom seemed to be settling on him.

Seeing Lucas' disdainful gaze, Nicole forced a smile.

However, Samuel said, "Forget it. At worst, call Blair and the others to come over for a vacation. There is a presidential suite here, where you can also do psychological counseling."

"Good point."

Lucas snorted coldly and leaned against the side, looking at people passing by.

Nicole always found her son cold and distant.

His temperament was inherited from Samuel.

Nicole secretly pinched Samuel, and Samuel frowned slightly in pain.


"It's all your fault. You didn't remind me."

Nicole pouted. With a pink face, she looked more attractive under the sunset.

Samuel swallowed hard and there was anger in his eyes.

At this time, Lucas said, "Hurry up and go in. It's a little cold. My arms are gooseflesh all over."

Nicole almost choked on her saliva again.

Zoe came down and said blankly, "Is it cold? I don't feel it."

As soon as she finished speaking, Joseph held her hand and covered her mouth. He chuckled, "Daddy, Mommy, we'll leave you alone."

With that, Joseph tipped a wink on Lucas.

Lucas caught a glance at Samuel and met with his warning gaze.

Lucas snorted.

With that, he left in disdain.

Samuel was a little mad.

Sooner or later, this brat would be sent to the Pacific Ocean for special training.

Nicole was embarrassed by her son's teasing.

"Don't... in the presence of our son."

Before she could finish her sentence, Samuel stopped her with a kiss.

No, no, no, no.

He didn't care about what his children thought.

His wife mattered the most. When his children grew up, they would get married with others. He didn't want to discommode himself for the sake of others.

As Samuel thought, he deepened the kiss.

Nicole instantly was turned on and fell into Samuel's arms. As for how she entered the hotel and got on the elevator, and how she entered the presidential suite, Nicole had no idea.

By the time she figured out what happened, she was already in bed in the presidential suite.

Thinking of how many people would pay their attentions to them along the way, Nicole blushed in an instant.



as if he was in the army,

"Don't laugh!"

simply couldn't

"Alright, I won't laugh."

he was asked,

yet? Lucas' psychological

Nicole's words,

I'll call

spoke, Samuel took

Nicole's phone rang.

took it over and saw that it was a message

New Year. Let's get together

weren't many friends. Steven, who was too jealousy,

still red, and she sent her location to

"Let's hang out."

"How about riding horses?"

Ashley was instantly interested.

don't forget the


pack her things. Her two children were amazed at how vigorous she


Hurry up and pack your

that, Ashley went to

come, Nicole sent

the racecourse. Do you want to

in anger in the living room, she hesitated

"Where are you going?"

face when Emory looked up, but there was a trace of tenderness in his

racecourse. Nicole and Gabrielle are both here. I want to go

Claire said softly.

slightly, then stood up, picked up his coat and said,

you still in the middle


Emory said in a flat tone, "I can never finish my work. It's almost the New Year, and I don't have much time to be with you. You know, I'm a soldier. As the new year is coming, I'll get busier. Let me take the chance to spend more time

wave of happiness


to arrange

that she had gathered the four young masters of the Seapolis City with a

on her face, "Is there anything funny? You are in a

be here soon, including

and he said dotingly, "Good, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. Have fun. Money flows freely

"I know you're rich."

Nicole smiled.

and set rooms for the four young masters of the Seapolis

came here

Maddie for a long

saving Lucas, and it had been more


different person inside and out. She radiated confidence and there was no longer fear or timidity showing on her face. Instead, she was scrupulous

be seen that Blair and her husband treated Maddie as their

"Hello, aunt."

Maddie gestured.

help but feel sorry for

that such a good

"Maddie is getting prettier."

said, she stroked

gave a shy smile and then continued to gesture, "Where's

the room, I'll take you to find


need, Auntie, I'll go by

With that, Maddie left.

back and

Gabrielle also sighed.

but sometimes we are always helpless. Maddie is doing well. She has completely moved on and now she is confident,

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