Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1106 Don't Regret What You Choose

Nicole was stuck there by Claire and couldn't move. She could only watch helplessly as Emory bowed to her and then said, "When Samuel came to the military region to complete the retirement procedures, I was somewhat excited and said something impolitely. I'm sorry."

Hearing this, Nicole was dumbfounded.

Nicole actually did not know what Emory said specifically that time. Nicole just heard from Claire and Claire's words were more tactful, so Nicole now looked at Claire with some puzzlement.

Claire sneered and said, "Someone is so straight. His right hand was about to retire. He directly asked me to persuade you to let Samuel stay longer. At that time, his tone and words were too harsh. So I didn't relay. But that was what he meant."

Nicole was instantly stunned.

Claire was taunting Emory in front of her.

Nicole suddenly felt embarrassed.

"Emory, Claire, don't say that. It's all because of Emory that Samuel could get there. I know that you feel sorry. From the start, you're for the sake of Samuel."

Nicole's words made Emory feel even more embarrassed.

"Yes, I did it for his own good. After all, he really did a good job at such a young age. He will be a lieutenant colonel if he comes back to the army. You should know that the youngest lieutenant colonel is in his forties now. It is rare to have the rank of lieutenant colonel at this age. And in the future, his focus of work would be in a fixed city, no different from office workers. How many people have worked hard for years to not be able to hold such a position? "

At this point, Emory still felt that it was a pity, but his voice and attitude were much softer than before.

"As the commander, I naturally don't want Samuel to retire. However, Claire is right. Samuel is not just my friend, nor is he the soldier of our military region. He has his own family and life, and he has the right to choose his own life. As the commander, I regret his decision, but as his friend, I am gratified. I am sorry. I just figured this out. Regardless of whether you knew my unconsidered remarks or not, I have to apologize to you. After all, you've suffered too much because of Samuel. You have the right to pursue your own happiness."

Hearing this, Nicole felt warm.

"Emory, thank you."

"Sorry, I come here today to talk to you about this. Now that I'm done, I won't join you. I'm going out to take a look."

After saying that, Emory left.

Claire looked at his back, her expression still not very good.

Nicole hurriedly held her hand and said, "It's okay. I'm not angry. Why are you still unhappy?"

Claire sighed, "He has risen too quickly these past few years, and there are many people around him who compliment him and flatter him. Sometimes, he will inevitably lose himself. It was good that Samuel's matter sobered him up. People in high positions have many hidden worries. In the past few years, he has become even more tyrannical and dictatorial. Although he has always been said to be an iron-blooded man, I know that this is not a good thing for him. If something happened, there might be a great calamity. Luckily, this matter gave him a wake-up call. It allowed him to find his original intention, so I felt a little more at ease. "

Nicole was slightly stunned.

She had never known that they had such a hidden worry in the military region.

Ashley looked at Claire and whispered, "Claire, did Emory treat you more possessively these past few years?"

"Are you talking about dictatorship?"

Claire smiled quietly, giving people the feeling of the spring breeze.

Ashley nodded slightly.


"Well, he does have some dictatorship. Sometimes, he's so straight. However, after Samuel's matter, he locked himself up in the study room for one night. When he came out, he had completely figured it out. In this lifetime, no one can say that he would not make mistakes, nor can he guarantee that he will not lose himself. I know that he has been lost these past few years. Fortunately, Samuel's matter has made him realize. "

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