Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1107 That's Bribery

Emory was serious when he asked them to take care of his wife and children.

They all felt depressed.

However, Emory laughed.

"Relax. The worst scenario is that I stop serving the army. By then, I will go to do business, just like you guys."

Emory was joking about that. But everyone knew that if something happened to Emory, things would be much worse.

Samuel coughed and said, "Why don't I...."

"I've handled your retirement procedures. You can go sign it tomorrow. Since you've decided to be around your wife and children, don't regret it. Samuel, you need to spend your entire life to make up for them. They are the ones you need to protect in the future. You know that?"

Samuel was sad at Emory's words.

"OK. Stop being emotional. Just shuffle the cards. I have to win to buy a dress for Claire. She has got a target one and hasn't bought it yet."

Now that Emory wanted to make things easier, the others stopped talking about it.

During the two hours, Emory kept winning.

He found it boring and just stopped.

"Hey, stop cheating. Why don't you just give me money if you make the game easier for me?"

"That won't do. If we give you money, we are committing bribery."

Samuel answered.

"Yes. You're in a difficult position and cannot take another charge of taking briberies."

Blair echoed.

Steven didn't say anything, but he looked worried.

Emory looked at them and sighed, "Trust me. It will be fine."


Then they returned to their rooms.

Nicole woke up and didn't find Samuel. She guessed that Samuel was staying with Emory and others, so she did not go to look for him and watch the TV series on the computer.

When Samuel came back, he was stunned for a moment when finding Nicole leaning against the bedside. Samuel felt peaceful and calmed down.

"Why stay up?"

"I can't fall asleep."

Nicole pouted and said, "I want to have snacks."

Samuel read through Nicole's words.

"I'll go buy it."

"You are the best!"

Nicole beamed with satisfaction.

What else could Samuel say to his attractive wife?

He shook his head and walked out. When he returned, he brought back fruits and chicken.

Nicole enjoyed the chicken and didn't care about manners. Samuel liked her this way.

He washed the fruits, cut them into small pieces, put a toothpick on the plate, and sat down beside Nicole. He held the plate in his hand and watched Nicole as she stuffed them into mouth one by one.

She enjoyed the fruits like a hamster.

Samuel burst into laughter.

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