Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1109 Did I Miss Something?

Nicole went home together with Samuel. She felt a little tired.

Samuel noticed her weariness and asked Wendy to fill the tub for her. He said to Nicole softly, "You go take a bath and a nap. I'll wake you at dinner time."

Nicole wanted to say that she was fine, but she was exhausted, so she just nodded.

She went to the bedroom, and Samuel followed.

Samuel knew that Nicole was somewhat out of sorts, and he couldn't help but blame himself when he remembered that he had made love with her over and over again.

When Nicole was bathing, Samuel received a call. Some company documents were awaiting him to deal with online, so he went straight to the study.

Nicole felt as if she had come back to life during the hot bath.

It seemed that the fainting was normal, and there was no evidence that Viola had done anything. However, Nicole felt that something was wrong.

'Did I miss something?'

Or was it that Viola played her cards better than before?

Nicole fell asleep thinking about these.

Samuel went to the bedroom after handling the documents. He frowned when he found that Nicole was not on the bed.

He walked into the bathroom and saw Nicole leaning against the bathtub and falling asleep.

Her face was a little red.

It was a gut-wrenching scene for Samuel. He strode forward to carry Nicole out, wiped her body dry but found that Nicole's temperature was frighteningly high.

"Nicole, Nicole, wake up."

Samuel tried to wake Nicole up.

Nicole only felt that someone was calling her, but she could not lift her eyelids. She felt hot and unwell.

She twisted her body, so uncomfortable that she almost cried.

"Samuel, I feel cold. And I feel hot."

The discomfort almost drove her crazy.

Samuel blamed himself for not coming to her early and called Ashley hurriedly.

Ashley was still at the racecourse and was surprised to hear that Nicole had a fever.

"What happened? Wasn't she all right when you guys left?"

Samuel didn't know what to say.

Nicole was indeed all right when she woke up in the morning, but Edwin's fainting made her nervous.

When Ashley arrived, Nicole couldn't even recognize her because of the fever. Nicole just kept babbling.

"Why does she have such a high fever? Where did you guys go just now?"

Ashley examined Nicole right away.

Samuel whispered, "Grandfather fainted. We went to the hospital."

"She shouldn't have a fever just because of that."

Ashley looked serious.

"Let's do a blood test first."

Ashley drew blood


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but ask,

by this topic, but for Nicole's health, he shook his

in poor health, and you'd better not have sex so often. She needs to have an anti-inflammatory intravenous drip now. Let's see if she would


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said to Samuel in a worried tone, "Let


thought the same

from the blood vessels of her wrist. Her temperature was temporarily stable. But she was still not

asleep again. She didn't know when Ashley left or

her condition, and you need to keep an eye out for her tonight. Her temperature

"I see."

Samuel nodded.

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looking after

stressed as Nicole's temperature was

shall I make some congee? Mrs. Green can have


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He was too impatient.

the weather. How could he not control his

an eye. Zac came home at night. He knew that Nicole was sick and bought some

the fruits aside and continued to take care

coma all this time. When her temperature was high, Samuel cooled her down, but it didn't

of the night, Nicole's temperature soared. Her

Samuel was frightened.

He called Ashley again.

want the kids to worry, so

frowned when

be. Theoretically, drip should bring her temperature down.

Samuel panicked.

do? Should we

"That won't work."

blood test on Nicole but only found

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Samuel shook his head.


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you will be fine. I am here

Samuel's voice was hoarse.

and she was about to collapse

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He looked at Ashley.

water. Give her warm water or

asked Wendy to

it didn't help. She still felt the sense

if she was strangled by a pair of invisible hands.

"Samuel, Samuel...."

kept calling Samuel's

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