Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1111 It Might Be Helpful to Keep Her Alive

"You're courting death!"

Samuel kicked her again.

Viola coughed out a mouthful of blood and gasped for breath.

Ashley was afraid that Samuel would really kill Viola in a fit of temper, so she hurriedly took a step forward and said, "Samuel, we'd better bring her back first."

She was grim-faced.

As a doctor, she could heal people. However, she also had a lot of ways to get someone to tell the truth.

Samuel tried his best to suppress the rage in his heart and ordered someone to take Viola away.

Edwin did not say a word.

Viola had looked for trouble. He could not stop her, nor did he want to.

At the beginning, he thought that Viola was Audrey's daughter, so he should care for her, but now it seemed that her existence would only make Nicole painful, so he would not intervene any more.

Edwin closed his eyes and said in a somewhat weary voice, "Steve, help me to have a rest."

"Mr. Shaw, let me help you."

Cara hurriedly said.

Edwin shook his head and said, "Go to search Viola's room carefully. She must have left some traces. If Samuel can't get any useful information from her, we should try to help her survive."

Cara immediately understood his meaning.

She went to Viola's room.

Samuel quickly brought Viola back to the the Green's.

Lucas was waiting at the door, frowning, which made Samuel's heart skip a beat.

"Your mom..."

Samuel's voice was trembling.

Ashley was also a little bit worried.

Lucas looked at Viola, hatred flashing in his eyes.

"My mom is fine."

"How could it be possible?"

Viola shouted!


No way!

It was impossible!

Major once said that this poison was colorless and tasteless, and once it entered a human's body, that person would die painfully.

But why did Lucas say that Nicole was fine?

Coldness flashed in Lucas' eyes.

"My mom is lucky. Naturally, she will be fine. But you..."

Lucas did not finish his sentence, but Viola could not help shivering.

Lucas was just a kid but he made her stressed.


He made her terrified!

To the bone!


Viola to his subordinates and

Ashley was surprised.

Gabrielle had developed

and she quickly went to the

took out a silver needle from inside his sleeve. The cold light of

you want to

a certain acupoint of your body with a silver needle will make life worse than death and you can't even shout or move. It's the first time that I have tried it. I may accidentally stab

Viola was so scared that

sentenced to death even if you're

why did you always do stupid things? Did you ever think

Lucas suddenly laughed.

especially good-looking, but it

you can't

stabbed in

She stopped shouting abruptly.

twitched due to sharp pain and felt as if

with a smile, "I won't

had his subordinates throw Viola to the corner of the room and quickly walked to Nicole's

Nicole's bedroom, Gabrielle was looking

"How's it going?"


fever was brought

Ashley quickly approached.

out what poison it

check again, the data had returned to normal. Then I came to the bedroom to check whether Nicole was fine,

"How could it be?"

a thing before. She was shocked

did not know

asked, "What's the situation

is gone.

Gabrielle's words stunned Samuel.

How could that be?

this place. No one came in. However, mom's body temperature went down bit by bit.

Samuel frowned slightly.

This was abnormal!

abnormal for Nicole's body temperature to

Hospital and give

Samuel made a decision.

Gabrielle and Ashley agreed.

took Nicole to

examined Nicole's

did not find any problem. All the indicators were

and Samuel were

"Where's Viola?"

Samuel asked coldly.

Mom seems fine, but I'm uneasy. It

Samuel glanced at Lucas.

had become

find anything wrong. We can only wait till she wakes up, but I don't know when she will wake up. Normally people will wake up when having a physical examination, but she gives no sign of

heart skipped

finally realized

Nicole was too quiet.

hurriedly put his finger under Nicole's nose. Feeling a

take Nicole home

picked up Nicole

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