Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1112 He's a Ghost from Hell

"How is it?"

Laurence had been waiting here, wanting to know the result. Last time. It was his blood that saved Nicole, wasn't it? Was it because of his blood?

Ashley and Gabrielle shook heads disappointedly.


"How about Mrs. Green's poison..."

Laurence was stunned and then got worried.

Everyone's face darkened.

They couldn't find what the poison was, and now it had disappeared for no reason. This was too inexplicable to medical students.

Lucas did not say a word, his beautiful phoenix eyes narrowing.

He walked out and made a video call to Joseph.

Joseph was with Steven. Zoe was asleep now.

When he saw Lucas' video call, he hit the receive button immediately.

"How's Mommy?"

Ever since Lucas asked him how to punish people but not kill them, Joseph knew that Nicole's done, but he couldn't go back, he couldn't leave Zoe. He was afraid that Zoe would be scared here alone, and he was even more afraid that Zoe would be in danger if she was left alone.

Mommy was sick, and Daddy was very worried. Lucas was still with them and they would be fine, but Zoe was alone. Joseph was worried.

Looking at Joseph's nervous expression, Lucas suddenly whispered, "You've read so many medical books, do you know what poison detoxifies itself for no reason?"

Joseph was slightly stunned, a trace of solemnity appearing on his face.

"No poison in the world can detoxify itself. It will only dissolve in blood and bone marrow."

Hearing Joseph's words, Lucas became nervous.

"Mommy had a severe fever. Everyone was trying to find a solution, but Mommy's fever had subsided. What's more, nothing was detected in Auntie Ashley's and Auntie Gabrielle's blood."

Lucas said it very slowly, and Joseph's expression became even darker.

"I'll check the medical book."

Joseph originally thought that he had read enough medical books, but at this moment, he found that what he learned was still unable to cope with this emergency.

"Check out that ancient book."

What Lucas said made Joseph slightly stunned.

Samuel gave the ancient book brought back from the Harper Town to Blair so that he could study the neuralgia that had been haunting Samuel. However, Lucas made a copy and gave it to Joseph before sending it out.

Joseph also thought about studying ancient books, but he didn't know all the words in it.

This ancient book was indeed old. After all, Joseph was still very young, and words on the book didn't make sense to him.

Therefore, Joseph had been studying this font. Now hearing what Lucas said, he sadly said, "Sorry, Lucas, I can't understand the font on it. How useless I am."

At this moment, Joseph felt extremely helpless and uncomfortable.

When Mommy needed him most, there were rumors that he was a prodigy in the medical field, but at this moment, he felt that he was nothing.

Lucas did not expect this to happen. He paused for a moment and then said, "Send me the photos of the ancient books. I'll see if I can use computer technology to convert the fonts."


eyes suddenly

he forgot that

to convert this

he wanted to give

book. Now he took it

walked past Nicole's bedroom with his phone, he couldn't help but

was closed, but he seemed to hear a painful

he quickly opened the door. He saw Samuel squat there in pain, his hands covering his head, beads of sweat oozing from his forehead, dripping

to wake up Nicole, Samuel


went forward and said, "I'm going to

about to

disturb your

endured great pain as

had been a long time since he had suffered from neuralgia. He had almost forgotten that he had such a problem. Now, the pain was so intense that he couldn't endure

were a little


choked, but he didn't know what he could

reached out his hands and hugged Samuel tightly. He whispered, "Samuel, mommy will be fine. She will definitely be

His voice trembled.

was scared, but in fact, how could he not

never see her

hugged Lucas back, whispering, "Yes, it will be fine. Your mommy

"How about your neuralgia..."

Give me some pain killers. Don't tell others. Just let Auntie Ashley and Auntie Gabrielle concentrate on the research about


Lucas frowned.

also very dangerous, but looking at him,

Lucas nodded slowly.

Samuel and found the painkillers

painkillers. Although it still hurt, it wouldn't hurt

heaved a

have something to do. I am going to


Samuel was weak.

drained because of the pain. Fortunately, things were within his control,

Lucas left, Lucas went to bed and hugged

temperature had already been back to normal. It felt soft and comfortable. So exhausted, Samuel involuntarily closed his eyes and

study, Lucas turned on the computer. His slender fingers typed on the keyboard and strings of codes flickered on the screen. Before long, the ancient and difficult words sent by Joseph appeared

saved the pictures, then sent them to Joseph, and printed them

quickly read the picture

he couldn't just wait, so he got

about to go crazy with pain, but she didn't even have the



child was young, he was ruthless, even more ruthless than

flashed in Lucas'

give you a chance to tell me what poison you used on

Viola paused.

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would a little brat threaten

was Nicole's

more Viola looked at Lucas,

age be crying when it came to this kind of situation?

Even if you kill

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