Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1114 She Loved Tim Even More.

"Evelyn, I..."

Tim wanted to explain, but Evelyn threw something in front of him and her expression became even uglier.

Somehow, Tim's heart skipped a beat.

'Was my wife angry?' He thought.

"What... what's wrong?"

Tim was a little nervous with fear.

Wasn't it fun?

He was a playboy who slept around with different women, yet he actually was afraid of his wife instead of Nicole now?

Tim felt a little depressed when he realized this, but he didn't care much about it.

Evelyn also told a trace of worry and panic from Tim's voice. Only then did her unkind expression ease slightly.

"Look at it. Look at what you've done!"

Evelyn gritted her teeth when saying every single word, wishing she could tear Tim apart.

Tim was a little puzzled. He rubbed his nose and thought to himself, 'I have been behaving myself lately.'

Suddenly, he thought of Martha.

He went to see Martha a few days ago without telling Evelyn. Could it be the thing Evelyn was angry about?

Tim somewhat felt uneasy.

"Evelyn, I..."

"Take a look at it first."

Evelyn walked past him and picked up a glass of water.

Tim was nervous, and he hurried to take over the photo that Evelyn showed him, and then he suddenly became gloomy.

He knew Viola in the photo. But who was the woman beside Viola?

Why did she look so familiar?

"Can't you remember her? Didn't you just sponsor her to go to college?"

Evelyn sounded envious, depressing Tim.

"Evelyn, I just wanted to do a good deed."

"Of course you did. Your kindness caused much misery to Nicole."

Evelyn snorted coldly and continued, "Can't you recall her name?"

Tim really didn't remember her name.

"Her name is..."


When Evelyn said this name out, Tim finally recalled something.

"Yes, you're right. Fernanda. But why was she together with Viola?"

Tim frowned.

sick now, and Tim was unclear about why. He was just about to rush over to take a look when Evelyn stopped him here. Now

want to

Tim was vexed.

could Fernanda

his kindness by teaming up with

eyes, and the unkindness

up now? Why is she with Viola? I heard that Nicole wasn't sick. She got poisoned. There are many people around her. She doesn't need us. I think we need to find out the mastermind behind this matter. Maybe Fernanda gave something to Viola. Now, I

Evelyn's words, Tim's

"I will kill her."


Evelyn was depressed.

their own sources of information, but they were unable to find Fernanda's whereabouts. And they did not

felt even more uncomfortable now that she found

was really a pain in

thinking things

that something had happened to Nicole. Luckily, his new wife, Evelyn, had done so

really nice with

Tim was really moved.

that Evelyn

Evelyn, thinking that she was jealous of a college student he had sponsored. He even thought that, when accusing Fernanda, Evelyn was not considerate and arrogant as she was

this Fernanda, a poor student, had really hit

was very angry with Fernanda, and

I know where

widened the moment she

said that you had nothing to do

Evelyn stood up immediately.

her there. I didn't take it into heart because I don't think I will

Tim really hated Fernanda.

She really got something.

win Tim's sympathy with her life story, because she knew he would

This didn't feel good.

all his life, and now he got used

had dealt with all kinds of women. Today, he

the sharp gaze from

hated Fernanda

'What a good Fernanda!'

noticed that the girl had

otherwise, she would never get the

Fernanda try to steal

she harmed Nicole. That

"I'll go with you."

"What will you do if Fernanda agree to tell you the name of the

asked this question, she

knew how important Nicole was

was nice with Nicole, because Nicole meant a lot to Tim. Evelyn

same time, Evelyn was somehow worried because he cared

for Tim. If she

she and Tim had been together lately, and Nicole was indeed the most special one for

less sure about what she

for Evelyn's

was frightened by

It's all my own fantasies. She might not ask about it at all. Let's go. Hurry up. Don't wait any longer. Nicole's safety is

the lead and


into his arms. He said in a low but firm voice, "You are my wife. I have

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