Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter162: You Are the Most Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Seen

Although it was the first time to see each other, Zoe still felt that Samuel was a little cordial. This might be the natural affection between father and daughter.

"Foster father?"

Zoe looked at Allen as if for help.

At this time, as long as Allen said that he was not, Zoe would believe it.

But Allen couldn't see Zoe's lost eyes, and he understood Zoe's desire for his biological father over the years.

It was like Lucas.

Although Lucas had a very good relationship with him, and always called him foster father, but after returning to the Seapolis City, Lucas really rarely made a phone call to him.

Maybe he was even more happy with Samuel now.

A sour taste was left in Allen’s mouth.

He witnessed those children who had grown up under his care left him alone one by one. Was the blood relationship really that important?

"Foster father, is what he said true? Is he really my daddy?"

Zoe's soft voice sounded again.

Samuel looked at Allen.

He was also a man, and he naturally understood how Allen felt and struggled now.

He didn't urge, didn't speak, but picked up Zoe, only to find that Zoe was really light, so light that she had almost no weight.

"Your mommy said to me that you are the most beautiful princess in the world. I didn't believe it at first, but now that I see you, I really believe it."


Zoe was very happy, a little embarrassed, sitting on Samuel's laps, not daring to move.

His embrace was so warm, unlike her foster father’s, and there was always an indescribable sense of intimacy lingering.

Seeing Zoe's sensible look and her bewildered expression, Samuel remembered Nicole again.

That damned woman, where had you gone?

How could you be willing to leave such a lovely daughter and Lucas, and him, and disappeared without a trace?

Samuel touched Zoe's head, fearing to apply too much strength, and when he touched her, the strength was too small that Zoe couldn’t feel.

For the first time in his life, he felt at a loss.

Zoe was different from Lucas.

Lucas was a stinky boy, healthy, and no matter how he beat, Lucas could bear it, but his daughter was so fragile, so fragile that he dared not speak loudly, for fear of scaring her.

"Of course it is true. Zoe is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

"Yes, sister Zoe, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

Joseph was also unwilling to admit himself outdone.

Zoe began to giggle.

Her laugh was very clear and melodious, like a jade bead falling on the plate, crisp and pleasant.

of three enjoying themselves, and was hurt again. He felt that it

the country to take care of Lucas. During this

Allen spoke lightly.

that the man in front

else. I just hope that Daddy can take me to the amusement park


Allen directly refused.

allow you to do any strenuous exercise. You

Allen's harshness disappointed Zoe.

"Foster father, I'm sorry."

She whispered.

heart was broken into pieces, and he said softly, "It doesn't matter. When Zoe gets better, Daddy

"And elder brother!"

your elder

Samuel naturally

so much blood, and now there was no clue at all. Where

Zoe had completely ignored him, Allen turned around and left the ward angrily,

small hand and gently held Samuel's fingers, and said in a low voice, "Daddy, can my illness really

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felt a bit

the doctor said that my illness was brought from my mother's womb. In the past few years, I have been rescued. Mommy and brother are very worried. My foster father is also looking

she couldn't help but

because Daddy didn't come! Now that Daddy comes, Zoe will definitely

me, Mommy,


here long ago. Now Daddy knows, and my princess, Daddy will love you well in the future. I will compensate you for


Zoe, but what


my brother, right? The nurse aunt said that in this world, children are Daddy's mommy. Angels. My brother and I are

loves you

couldn’t hold back the tears from the

quietly by the side, not

understand the discomfort of Zoe,

were still

here, sister

was Lucas

nose was sour,

was no use

in danger, if he hadn’t been just crying, Lucas wouldn’t

become strong, and then protect Zoe and wait

body condition made Samuel sad. After all, Nicole often cried

very strong, and will definitely wait for a suitable match. The doctor said that as long as I have a suitable match, I

Zoe will

a big man, cried sadly in front

so for him, what kind of torture had Nicole

to keep her for

talked with her, the nurse came

reluctant to part from Samuel, and she held his hand tightly and said, "Daddy, I will sleep for a while, and please don’t leave, okay? This room is so big, and every time I open my eyes, I'm all alone. Mommy is very busy and my brother wants to study, and I'm the only one lying here.

eyes, Samuel couldn't

have the doctor check on the body, but Daddy promises you that as long as you wake up, Daddy will be


out her little finger towards

"Shall we pull hook?"

"Okay! Let's pull hook!"

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