Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1116 Recover Without Medicines

Fernanda gave a smile of satisfaction.

She finally did something for Tim.

She thought that if she died, Tim might remember her.

Even if Tim hated her, such an end might be impressed on Tim's memory.

How could Evelyn be compared with a dead person?

Fernanda died for Tim.

Fernanda was in a lot of pain, and blood kept pouring out of the cuts. She could feel that she was dying, but she also felt at ease that she never had felt before.

Now, she didn't have to work day and night for her paralyzed mother or be controlled by someone else. She would be impressed on her beloved man's heart. Would he miss the days with her?

Fernanda smiled and closed her eyes.

Fernanda always knew that for Martha, Fernanda was just someone who worked for her. Fernanda's death wouldn't matter to her.

However, all Fernanda wanted was that Tim would fall in love with her and never forget her.

Seeing Fernanda slowly fell to the ground, Tim felt a little sad.

So what?

He didn't have affection for Fernanda at all, not to mention that Fernanda had conspired with Viola to hurt Nicole.

It was inexcusable to him.

So, it didn't matter if she died for him.

It was her choice.

You could say that Tim was cold or indifferent. Like Martha, He wouldn't get too attached to anyone whom he didn't care about.

If the person who was dying today were Evelyn, Tim would probably kill everyone here to vent his anger.

Knocked over by Fernanda, the mercenary moved much slower.

Then, Tim just ran away.

Everyone was surprised.

Perhaps they didn't expect Tim to escape or be so cold and unmoved when facing Fernanda's death. Anyway, Tim escaped.

Tim got in the car and drove it to the Green's.

He was a mess, but he didn't care.

Because of Tim's arrival, Samuel got up.

"Why are you here?"

His voice was a bit hoarse, and his stubble showed that he was worried and haggard. Seeing his red eyes, Tim felt awful.

"Nicole is not doing okay?"

Tim's voice trembled.

Samuel nodded with a grave face.

"Nicole is blind."

Tim remembered what Fernanda had said, and his hands were shivering.



Samuel asked someone to serve Tim a glass of water, but Tim refused.

"I'm here to tell you that the one who gave Viola the poison was Fernanda. She worked for my mother Martha."

Samuel squinted.


don't know when she escaped from you, it was she who gave Viola the poison. Evelyn made

son, Tim wished not

coldness flashed through

"I'll kill Fernanda."

already dead.

told Samuel what

felt that it was too good for Fernanda. However, the major problem was still


something that everyone wanted




Tim felt depressed.

liked and cared about.

Samuel frowned.

was given by

for a moment.



saved by her biological father and escaped abroad, so the people of the military couldn't

were two powerful

realized that

came to see me a few days ago and wanted to see Evelyn.

knew about it when you came into contact with Martha.

Tim didn't expect that.

past few days, he never told it to Evelyn, and he sent some persons to protect Evelyn and


Maybe he was afraid.

an evil mother-in-law and stopped loving him. He didn't expect

he had such deep feelings

thinking that he might lose

thought I was the only one who knew it. It turns out that you all know. Sorry. I didn't handle Martha properly, putting Nicole into


Tim. However, he knew that Tim was the person whom Nicole cared about the most now, and Martha was Tim's mother, he could understand why Tim was

longing for his mother since he

on the shoulder and whispered, "Go take a


nodded and

to the study

Major were allies now. He had to

Tim came to Nicole.

of being poisoned, Nicole looked

Tim was sad.

sorry. I shouldn't be so indecisive. I

Tim couldn't feel sadder.

her fingers. Then, she opened

"Nicole, are you awake?"

and held her

He was afraid!

was afraid that Nicole would ask him why she

beautiful eyes

he couldn't

felt tired

turned around and saw Tim's

are you here? Because I'm

brightly, and Tim felt

"You can see me?"

can't I? I'm not

that Tim

in disbelief and waved his hand in front of Nicole's

"What are you doing?"

puzzled, so she just slapped

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