Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1117 She Would Never Give up Her Evil Thoughts

Neither Nicole nor the others spoke. For a moment, the atmosphere was strained and gloomy.

"Nicole, don't worry. I won't let Viola get away."

Samuel held Nicole's hand tightly.

There was no problem with Nicole's eyes. But Samuel was still worried.

Everyone was floored by the unknown poison.

Nicole didn't care much about the poison. She smiled and said, "I'm hungry."

Samuel and everyone else were stunned by Nicole.

Were they just talking about the poison?

They were confused that Nicole didn't react to the poison.

Samuel loved his wife so much. So, he quickly arranged food for Nicole.

Nicole said, "I want meat."

Seeing that Nicole become more dynamic, Samuel was comforted and smiled softly.

"You just recovered. It's not good to eat too much meat."

"But what if I just want to eat meat?"

Nicole was a little depressed. She pouted. The loving expression and tone between them were just public display of their affection.

Tim coughed and said, "Since Nicole has recovered, I am going to look after Evelyn. Stay in touch."

Then he got up and left.

Evelyn was still unconscious. If she knew Tim knocked her out, how would she react when she woke up?

When Tim thought of Evelyn, he felt warm.

Ashley and Gabrielle also wanted to leave. But they couldn't go home now.

How could they return home without figuring out the poison in Nicole?

The couple was still showing each other affection and ignoring everyone else in the room.

Ashley and Gabrielle coughed and left the room.

When Nicole and Samuel were left in the room, Samuel pulled Nicole over and kissed her.

Samuel kissed Nicole so hard. She almost couldn't breathe.

She knew that Samuel was very worried.

Although she did not know what happened to her body, she was still optimistic.

Now that she didn't die of poison or lost her sight. It was a good result.

Samuel was about to talk about this after meals.

When Samuel let go of Nicole, he was still anxious.

Nicole looked at his haggard face and said softly, "Sorry that I made you worry."

"I don't blame you. I only blame the enemy for being too cunning."

made Nicole


not necessary for you to check on her. There's nothing you can get from her.

on a

Viola. Now that Viola tried to harm


to talk about Viola. Since Samuel said that Viola couldn't stay, there were ways to solve the problem. Nicole didn't want to ask Samuel

more like a stranger

Edwin, Nicole let him take a good

want to talk about Viola, Samuel didn't bring it up. He

Nicole saw the food on the table, she ate in a

slowly. Be careful and don't

very much even when she was wolfing down her food. He felt a little

eat much

having meal, he didn't disturb her. He saw Samuel fixing

in a good mood. Only

Nicole was really hungry.

and all the dishes on the table, Samuel

"Are you feeling good?"

was worried that

Nicole just waved her hand and said, "I'm fine.

was frightened that he didn't hesitate to call Ashley and Gabrielle

Ashley saw Nicole, she just smiled and said, "You just lack calories and feel

her and whispered, "Is

not. Feel free

when she saw

was impressed by Nicole's

could really eat

Ashley to give Nicole a body

hadn't seen the sunshine for a long time and had eaten so much. So, she

Samuel did not refuse.

felt warm

it was

careless about

Viola wanted her to die, she never thought that Viola would use Edwin

care. Because she was too nervous about Edwin and was angry with Viola. That was why Viola could

smiled bitterly and said,

in a low voice, "She isn't cunning. Someone else taught her to

"Is Major helping her?"

Major. So, it was likely for Major to help Viola

head and said, "No, it's Martha. Martha

Hearing this, Nicole frowned.

never give up her

the Seapolis City. But she did not

how to comment

out something about Martha's

so much. Although her grandpa was not around at that time, grandma lived in the military compound with advanced security system. How could someone

Who was that?


of this, Nicole

thought of

father. However, that man was too cunning. He didn't reveal

Martha returned to the Seapolis City. Nicole and Samuel felt that the city might

find out the truth. A man like this must

his identity is revealed,

told Samuel her

Samuel agreed with her.

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