Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1121 What If I Say No?

Martha can't refuse Tim at once, but whispered, "You keep her here for a while, I'll think of a way and call you later."

"Alright, Mom, are you trying to fool me? I know you have your own business to attend to, and you can even abandon me for your big business. But this is the first time I beg you for help, and this is also the last time. Can you help your son for once?"

Tim sounded a bit sad.

Martha suddenly felt sad.

No matter what, she was his mother. Moreover, Tim had been with her all these years.

Martha suddenly felt guilty towards Tim, but she couldn't do anything about it. Now that her son had said so, as long as it didn't affect her plan, she still wanted to help him.

"Alright, I'll call you later."

Martha hung up the phone, feeling a little guilty.

Tim was really nice to her. So nice that she wanted to give up on her plan for him once, but unfortunately, she didn't.

Martha sighed. She could never imagine on the other side, Tim's face was terribly gloomy.

Seeing Tim like this, Evelyn hurriedly reached out and held his hand.

His hands were so cold that there was almost no warmth. But he was also trembling, not knowing whether it was because he was sad or angry.

"Tim, it's okay. You still have me."

Evelyn hugged him tightly.

Evelyn's warm body pressed to Tim's, and his cold heart slowly became warm.

He hugged Evelyn tightly and whispered, "Evelyn, I only have you now. This time, I must take care of Martha myself."

Evelyn knew that deep down, Tim felt very uncomfortable. Before this, he treated Martha as the most he cared for the most after all. But he didn't expect Martha to lose his trust and hurt his closest ones.

"Everything will be alright. If you feel uncomfortable, I'll take care of her."

"No need. She is my mother. Even if she dies, I have to end her myself."

A trace of pain and struggle flashed through Tim's eyes, and he finally calmed down with determination.

Martha's people quickly got the news that there was surveillance showing Tim did knock Evelyn unconscious, and he took her to a five-star hotel. They had not come out yet.

Hearing this reply, Martha narrowed her eyes.

She had to get the Mason's voyage route. Otherwise, her father would be very angry.

Although he was her father, Martha could also sense that her father did not have to choose her. Moreover, there were other siblings in the family who were not fuel-efficient.

If it weren't for Evelyn being Tim's wife, Martha wouldn't have been the one to do the job this time.

This was the chance that her father had given her, and it was very likely that it would be her last chance.

Martha took a deep breath and whispered, "Wait for me here. I'll just take Matt with me."

Matt was good enough to fight Tim.

After considerations, Martha decided to see Tim.


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Tim sneered.

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"Alright, Mr. Tim."

The assistant replied.

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Tim was very glad.

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Tim narrowed her eyes.

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"Why are you here?"

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Martha's heart sank suddenly.

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with a smile, "Tim, I'll take Evelyn back to stay for a few days. Don't worry, I'll try to persuade her during this

Tim's eyes suddenly darkened.

Evelyn for the Mason's voyage route,

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