Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1124 Daring, You Are So Sweet

"What's the matter?"

Samuel noticed something wrong from Nicole's expression and quickly stood up and walked over.

Nicole was dumbfounded.

Samuel came over and saw that the bag was filled with bloody game.

Pheasants, rabbits, and the like, but they were all bloody. Some of them were still twitching, and blood was oozing out from their mouths.

This scene was especially scary. If one was a bit timid, he would probably be frightened to tears. Although Nicole did not cry, she tried her best to resist her nausea and she felt so bad.

"Is this the New Year gift from the Don family?"

Edwin's expression turned ugly. He wanted Steve to call Mark but was stopped by Nicole.

"Grandfather, let me make this call."

Nicole's expression carried a hint of pleading, and Edwin did not bear to refuse. He sighed and turned his head, but he didn't look better.

He would first listen to Don family's explanation. If it wasn't satisfactory, he wouldn't spare those two brats.

Nicole was still trembling. Samuel said worriedly, "Why don't I make this call? Don't worry, I will pay attention to my words."

"No need. The New Year gift is a sign of their kindness to me. As a junior, I should make a phone call to report my safety."

Nicole tried her best to calm down, then, she picked up the phone and called Jason.

She didn't know if Mark was still busy in the military area, but Jason had an open schedule.

When Jason received Nicole's phone call, he was stunned. He remembered what happened last time at the blind date and felt a little guilty. His voice softened a little.

"Nicole, it's so late, do you want help?"

Nicole smiled and said, "Jason, I just received the New Year present from the Don family. They are quite abundant. Those pheasants and rabbits aren't dead yet, and they are bleeding. I heard that steaming them alive would make them taste more delicious. Thank you, Jason, for sending me the game."

Jason was astounded and asked, "What pheasant and rabbit? I didn't give you these things! I just bought you some tonics and had someone send them to you."

"You didn't? Can it be from Mark?"

As soon as Nicole finished speaking, Jason immediately said, "Impossible. Mark went out on a mission and hasn't returned yet."

Nicole's heart skipped a beat when she heard this, but she still smiled and said, "Then, that was probably given by someone else and I made a mistake. No problem, I'll ask again."

"Alright, if anything happens, remember to call me."

Jason was a little worried.

"I will. Jason, I gotta go."

After saying that, Nicole hung up.

side, he naturally heard it clearly, and

expression, Edwin asked, "Did the two


words, and the living

bloody gift under the name of the Don family. There must be something

Jason to find out who the gift giver is. Let's throw away the game. It's not good to take gifts sent by

Samuel suggested.

of Nicole being poisoned still left him lingering fear. Now, he could no longer withstand this

Edwin also agreed.

they had the same opinion, Nicole did not say anything and asked someone to take out

news, Jason started investigating the person who delivered the gift to Nicole. Unfortunately, that person had a car accident

made Nicole a

simple car accident.

and Samuel and Edwin did not stop

move to my place? If we stay together, whoever did this won't dare to make a move. I'm really worried about Nicole now. Besides, it's almost the New Year and Tim is about to get married.

there. After all, it would be great to live with Samuel. With so many people around, she had to endure her desires and held her emotions. However, now that such a thing

this, Nicole glanced at Samuel and whispered, "Then, let's


it weren't for the poison incident, he wouldn't be so scared. Now, he was worried all day long and it felt

had said so, Nicole could not say anything

that Nicole had agreed, Edwin was overjoyed. He asked Steve to bring him home to

Edwin was happy, Steve was infected. He smiled and said, "Mr. Shaw, we have to go to Tim's


spoke, Edwin stood up and

and Nicole were left in

"You are afraid that you won't

at Grandpa's place. Grandpa is retired from the special forces. I can count on him. Besides,

said this, Nicole wouldn't

should be sent


Nicole yawned.

was tired again, Samuel said softly,

to go out and buy something for the New Year as well as some jewelry for Evelyn. Although I have given her some gifts, as a woman, she

Nicole yawned and said.

Samuel nodded and agreed.

you wake up, I'll go with

you are

Samuel on the face, and then she was picked up by

She just felt a little weak and

while, Nicole woke

to have just woken up, and she

smiled and said, "Oh, it's daytime yet Tim was having a good time with you. Do you know that people will be jealous of

Evelyn instantly blushed.

thinking? Who told you that we

"Oh, you mean this?"

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