Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1125 Someone Cheated Me

Nicole felt anxious when she saw it was Evelyn that called.

"If you don't want to talk to her, I can answer the phone."

Samuel knew what Nicole was thinking. Tim must be sad now, so she felt it was improper to ask Evelyn out.

However, Nicole shook her head and said, "I think Tim should go out with us."


Samuel was a little confused.

Nicole smiled and said, "Because you are here. You will cheer him up, won't you?"

What else could Samuel say?

Although he thought Tim didn't need his comfort, he would talk to Tim later. Nicole had given him a task. He had to complete it.


Samuel said indifferently.

Now that Samuel agreed, Nicole answered the phone.

"Evelyn, what did he say?"

Nicole tried her best to make her voice sound normal.

Evelyn smiled and said, "Tim agreed to go out with me. Let's go. I can't wait to spend your money."

"Oh, please show me some mercy."

Nicole pretended to beg.

Evelyn was amused and they laughed together.

Samuel was relieved to see Nicole being so light-hearted. He felt glad that he didn’t tell her that it was Tim who killed Martha.

After Nicole hung up the phone, she adjusted her clothes and wore some makeup. Samuel took a down jacket and went out with her.

They would meet Tim and Evelyn in Golden Street.

Samuel and Nicole arrived there first. Seeing everywhere decorated, Nicole couldn't help but sigh.

New Year was coming.

It had been almost one year since she returned home.

Too many things had happened this year. Fortunately, everything had settled down. And she still had this man by her side.

Nicole felt happy and held Samuel's arm.

"What's the matter?"

Samuel looked at her. He thought Nicole was cold, so he asked, "Do you want me to turn up the temperature? You may catch a cold."

Looking at his worried face, Nicole smiled, "It's not cold. How could I feel cold with you by my side? I am just thinking that I came back in spring. And it has been almost one year."

"Right. Time passes so quickly, so we should treasure the days we spend together."

Nicole was moved.

"Oh. That's sweet. Where did you learn this?"

"I learnt that from you."

Samuel flattered her.


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Evelyn said as soon as

clothes and looked like a bear.

something, aren't you? Are there

hand to Evelyn's

"Samuel, what's wrong with your wife? Look! She wants to take off

are you afraid of? Let me have a look.

talking about? No

stamina, but considering Nicole's health, she slowed down several times


I quit...

That's it? I thought

Evelyn mocked Nicole.

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finished, Nicole rolled a snowball

"Nicole! No sneak attack!"

angry and immediately started to make one to

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to him and said in a low voice, "Do you feel


Tim nodded.

ended his mother's life. It was painful. However, his wife and cousin would have a happy life. Nobody could threat them now. Tim felt

realized something and looked

"Are you comforting me?"

my job. My wife has given me a task. She wants you to be

Tim's eyes widened.

"You told her?"

sudden myocardial infarction and that she died under your eyes.

Samuel was smart.

It surprised Tim.

seemed that Samuel really understood Nicole and

you let her down, I will take her away from you.

replied, "You won't have the chance

I'll take that as a

while Nicole and Evelyn were

was sweating. Nicole hadn't recovered. He

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from his pocket

Evelyn felt jealous.

"Darling, I'm sweating too."

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She patted Tim and whispered, "Stop it. There are people are

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didn't know how to reply. Her cheeks flushed

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If you want to listen to that, go find your

Tim retorted jokingly.

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fine. We will give him a huge surprise in

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What did Samuel mean?

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