Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1126 You Can't Leave Me

Hearing Tim's words, Nicole and Evelyn became even more curious.

"Darling, how did you trick my cousin?"

Nicole looked up at Samuel.

Samuel smiled and said, "Some people are just stupid. You are blessed, because you married a wise man like me."

"Hey, Samuel, watch yourself!"

Tim felt that he couldn't continue shopping.

Evelyn saw that her husband had been teased and said to Nicole, "Nicole, your husband bullied mine. What should I do?"

Nicole was at a loss.

But in the next moment, she hooked Samuel's arm and smiled, "Sorry, I stand on my husband's side and the bully will continue. At most, I'll treat you to a meal to make up for it."

"How can you say that?"

Evelyn turned her head around.

Tim gritted his teeth and said, "In fact, Samuel played dirty."

"What do you mean?"

The two women immediately pricked up their ears.

Tim took a deep breath and said, "At that time, I had a crush on the daughter of a real estate tycoon. That woman told me that her father had received inside information that there was a problem about construction quality with these shops. They probably couldn't be sold out. At that time, Golden Street hadn't been built."

At this point, Tim did not notice Evelyn's gritted teeth, while Nicole and Samuel smiled complacently.

This idiot Tim was talking about his ex-girlfriend in front of Evelyn. The most irritating thing was that Tim had too many of them.

However, Tim did not find out that he had upset his wife. He continued, "At that time, I bought half of the shops in this area. I heard that there was a problem from internal news, so I made a move. When I put advertisements to sell them, someone couldn't wait and bought them all. At that time, I thought that this person was a bit stupid, but I didn't expect that after a few days, that woman disappeared. Upon inquiry, I found out that the woman had gone abroad under someone's arrangement. I immediately realized that something was wrong and asked for information. Only then did I know that Samuel and that woman tricked me for my shops. Do you know how sinister he is now? "

The more Tim spoke, the angrier he became. He did not notice that Evelyn was clenching her fists and her knuckles gave out a cracking sound.

Nicole kept blinking at Tim, but Tim didn't understand.

"Nicole, what's wrong with your eyes?"

Just as he finished speaking, Evelyn pinched Tim's waist.


Tim howled in pain.

"Darling, what are you doing?"

want to tell me how you fell in

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insisted on inquiring about this, so I talk, right? Besides, it's all over. There's no ex-girlfriend anymore.

are stores on this commercial street! Tim, you loser! If you hadn't sold it, I would

glared at Tim

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appease Evelyn, Samuel stretched out his arm and hugged Nicole's shoulder. He smiled and said,

would be embarrassed to kiss

heard Nicole's words, he said mockingly, "That man

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turn this place into an office area. There was nothing

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as Tim was about to pay, Nicole

"I'll pay."


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and said, "This is a gift from me to my sister-in-law. It has nothing

had said so,

the entire Golden Street belongs to your family. You can afford

Tim said with envy.

find a lawyer to transfer the shops under your name to Evelyn as a dowry

"What do you mean?"

Evelyn were both

of wealth is enough to prove that he is not familiar with the real estate sector. However, since he is getting married, we have to give him some gifts. We discussed and decided to transfer the shops, which once belonged to him, to Evelyn. When the time comes, Evelyn will marry into Louis family with them. Since my cousin used to have too many girlfriends, for fear that Evelyn may be bullied,

never expected Nicole to

a wedding present. Now, there was an extra, and it was

moment, she planned for her and protected

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a family. Everyone will help each other. The Seapolis City is not big and

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