Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1127 I Mean No Harm

"What's the matter?"

Nicole sensed that Samuel's body was getting stiff with dense killing intent.


Samuel looked at Nicole with a much softer gaze.

He held Nicole in his arms and made a gesture in the air. Then, he saw Tim and Evelyn coming over.

The rosy cheeks of the loving couple told that the problem had been solved.

Nicole smiled at Evelyn and said, "Problem solved?"

"Stop it! Can't you for once be shy like a girl? Let's go!"

Although Evelyn was a little embarrassed, she, pulling Nicole's hand, still walked firmly forward.

Samuel took a few steps back and said to Tim, "Someone took pictures of us just now. I think it's better to go home. Both New Year's Day and your wedding are coming. We should keep a low profile. Anyway, we'll move in together tomorrow. We can discuss and settle everything. Why don't we stop here today?"

Tim frowned slightly.


"I'm not sure. I've already sent someone to deal with it."

Samuel said indifferently.

Nicole and Evelyn were walking in front of them, laughing and chatting happily. Tim could tell that the girls knew nothing about that.

He whispered, "Let's go home first. Call me if you need anything. I know I am not as powerful as you, but I'll do what I can."

"Of course. I'll definitely contact you if you're needed. Before we arrive, the Don family sent some New Year's presents over - animals killed alive, drenched in blood. Since uncle Jason denied having sent them, there must be some scheming out there. The delivery guy was in a car accident on his way back. His unconsciousness keeps us away from the clues. Please do some investigation if you're free."

Samuel gave the work to Tim.

Tim did not refuse and nodded without the least hesitation.

They separated after they finished talking.

There was already tiredness in Nicole's eyes. She involuntarily yawned.

Evelyn noticed it immediately.

"Are you tired? Maybe we can call it a day. I don't have anything else to buy. Everything for the wedding is ready. My father only has one daughter, and he has prepared a lot of things for me. As for the rest, Tim is helping out."

Nicole replied embarrassedly, "I'm sorry. But I'm not very well these days."

"Don't say that. You had just suffered terribly. Your body needs to recover slowly. From tomorrow on we'll live together. I'll make you delicious food every day. I guarantee that your body will be fully recovered soon."

Evelyn's words made Nicole's heart burst with joy.

"Really? It's settled then. You owe me three meals a day."

"No problem."

Their gaze met in the air, and they smiled as if they had known each other for many years.

When Samuel came to Nicole's side, Nicole happened to turn around and saw him smiling. She said, "Darling, I'm tired."

"You want to go back?"


Will you carry me

showed her


and carried

said to Tim,

them. We're more



as she had wished. In the years to come, she would live up to

his back as he walked on Golden Street. There were a few snowflakes scattered in

on his shoulder and whispered, "What


want Nicole

again. "I can see that your eyes are filled

"Did I scare you?"

like that for a long time. I almost forgot

sign could be found in Nicole's

Samuel immediately smiled.

"I am still me."

you treat me

Nicole said with pride.

share a bed

"Of course not."

began to laugh

that the relationship between her and Samuel would have such a breakthrough - not mentioned getting married. She cherished this hard-won happiness from the bottom of

happen, don't hide it from me,

by Nicole's words, but still, he

two of them fell silent

Samuel's shoulder, feeling that he was the best man in the

but short for a couple that wanted to

asleep on Samuel's

his heart felt a slight

door and turned on the air conditioner. Only then did he carefully put Nicole in the passenger seat and fasten her seat

and started it until everything was

residence, Samuel saw Wendy standing at the gate with a worried

wrong? Has anything

Nicole, who was sleeping soundly. She then whispered hesitantly, "Sir, the dogs that

"What dog?"

Samuel was slightly stunned.

them, so she ordered us to make them a kennel in the back yard and feed them leftovers every day. Today, Mrs. Green asked me to throw away the New Year's presents sent by the Don family. As you know, sir, those are disgusting dead animals. But I thought it was a pity to throw it

Samuel frowned.

Those presents were poisonous!

frightened him and made him sweat

Nicole asked the servant to throw it away. Otherwise,

at the thought of

exactly wanted them

dead. So could it be

Freeman, the third prince of Country F. Did it mean that

Samuel's brain worked quickly.

of the presents. Also, check all the other items sent by the Don family to see in case there are more problems. Lock them in the warehouse if they passed

"Yes, sir."

obeyed without

Samuel frowned again.

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