Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1128 Two Whys in a Row

When Nicole woke up, she found herself lying on her bed and couldn't help but feel like crying.

Why was she asleep again?

Why did she fall asleep on Samuel's shoulder when she had agreed to go shopping?

It was because Samuel gave her a sense of security.

Nicole put the blame on Samuel.

When she thought of Samuel, Nicole realized that Samuel was not in the room.

She yawned, lifted the blanket and got out of bed, and then found a coat to put on before leaving the room.

Wendy walked over with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Wendy, is this for Samuel?"

"Yes, Mrs. Green."

Wendy said.

"Where is he?"

"Study room."

"I'll do it."

Nicole took the coffee from Wendy's hand and walked towards the study.

She knocked on the door, and Samuel's deep voice sounded from inside.

"Come in."

Nicole pushed open the door and saw what Samuel was looking at the computer. She walked over.

"If anything has happened in the company, then go. You don't need to stay at home with me."

Nicole handed the coffee to Samuel.

When Samuel saw that it was Nicole, he took it and pulled Nicole to a chair and sat her down. Then he whispered, "It's not about business. We are going shopping today. Didn't you ask me if something had happened?"

"Yeah, you told me that everything was fine."

Nicole looked at Samuel depressingly.

someone taking a picture of us with a camera. I didn't know if that person was a reporter, so I didn't say anything to you at that

me until you were absolutely clear about the matter. Now that you've said this to me, does it mean

shook her head and

is yet, but I found something in his camera.


in Nicole's mind

her hand and told her to look at the

the camera. Look at these photos, did you find

the photos on

when Nicole and Samuel were

to include passersby in photos, after all, that guy was secretly

Nicole frowned.

"Who is this person?"

at the person in the photo

Nicole's hair and said, "You also found that this person

out the identity of this


slightly and whispered, "I


at the man

if the country had issued an arrest warrant, few people

this kind of insignificant man passed by you a hundred times, you probably wouldn't pay too much attention to him. After all, he was very ordinary and had a

looked carefully, she would find that

took another look and discovered that Major and Lillian were

person takes after Lillian. If I hadn't known

Nicole's words stunned Samuel.

are really


surprise and looked at Samuel

more Samuel thought about it, the

her death. He wished he could tear us into pieces. But what

heard Samuel say this, she couldn't help but pause for a moment,

Don't Lillian and Elvis only have Petty? Besides, Lillian schemed against Elvis and got pregnant with Petty. If Major is Lillian's son, then Major's father is not Elvis but someone

can explain why Lillian did that. She schemed against Elvis to conceive Petty in order to create a good environment for Major. Everything she planned was for Major. She even attacked us and the Green family. She said it was for Petty and she wanted to get back everything that belonged to her. But rather, Lillian planned to take down the entire Green family for Petty and

words, Nicole was

you think so? Petty is

must have seen it because she was with him all the time. With her intelligence, she understood that even if she was pregnant with Elvis' child, Elvis would not change his attitude

dumbfounded by the two

a moment. Let's not talk about the first question, why do

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