Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1130 That Person Was an Expert

When Laurence received the call from Nicole, he was washing Adela's mother's feet. He was slightly stunned at seeing Nicole's number. Then, he thought of the look of Nicole losing her mind and said, "Auntie, I've got a phone call."

Laurence stood up, but before he could leave, Cynthia kicked over the basin under her feet.

"What are you busy with all day? Are you too busy to wash my feet? If Adela were still alive, she would cook for me, let alone wash my feet. You said you would be good to me like Adela did. But what about now? Your promise is just tongue-in-cheek. Laurence, I'm telling you, you have to listen to me here. Although you bought this house, don't forget who Adela died for!"

Cynthia's voice was very harsh.

Laurence felt like his heart was torn open again before the cut could be healed.

Adela's death was a taboo to Laurence. If others mentioned it, he would definitely shut them up. However, Cynthia was Adela's mother, so Laurence could only stand her.

"Auntie, I have something to do. I'll bring you another basin of water later."

Laurence said neither humbly nor arrogantly.

Cynthia was infuriated when she saw Laurence like this.

Why is this man still alive?

He was just for experiment. Why should Adela die for him?

Cynthia thought of Adela when she saw Laurence. If Laurence's death could bring Adela back to life, she would be looking forward to Laurence's death.

"Piss off! Don't show up in front of me. I'm angry to see you."

Cynthia roared in anger and threw the items at hand to Laurence.

The pain in Laurence's heart was much hurt than that in his body.

Endured the pain silently, Laurence turned around and left the room.

Cynthia's constant curse came from behind.

Laurence was afraid that Nicole would overthink if she heard this, so he walked far enough to call back.

"Mrs. Green, what can I do for you?"

Laurence's voice was as cold as ever.

Nicole frowned slightly and whispered, "Why did it take so long to answer the phone?"

"I'm a bit busy just now."

Laurence skipped the details.

"Is it urgent? I can call you back later."

Nicole suddenly felt sorry.

Although Laurence was her assistant, there were still many things to do in the new Night Elf Empire. Laurence won't be on call all the time. She was being in lack of consideration.

But Laurence said indifferently, "It's OK. All is done. Mrs. Green, if you need anything, just tell me."

Nicole sighed.

put himself inside it. No

like this was

softened her voice

prepare for the special training and pick out some people in Night Elf Empire.

"Did something happen?"

was a sensitive person. Usually, Nicole didn't ask for people.

heard that Major might have some plans on New Year's Day. It's always good to be

I'll deal

Laurence hurriedly said.

careless about anything about

Don't always be busy

have time to date others. Besides, Cara and I are not suitable for each


do you know that you're not the right man for her if you don't give it a try? I think

approached, Nicole suddenly wanted to

know about

away. If she were still alive,

to this

directly. He turned around and saw

anymore. It turns out that you've been dating someone else. My daughter died for you, but you hurried to another relationship in

was like the squeaky noise of

you're overthinking it. I won't fall in love again. I don't want

woman's name? Tell me. I'm going to see if she's prettier than my daughter. Otherwise, how could

words, Laurence couldn't help but

not dating

way? Laurence, you start to hate me

Auntie, I don't mean

wanted to say something but was slapped

a real person with the support from the Green family and Nicole. I was trying to wake you up with my slap. You should realize what you are. You are just an experiment and a monster created by my husband. Look at your eyes, your hair color, and your blood. Which part of you looks like a human? Someone like you should be locked up in a cage and draw blood every day for research. Then you could make a little contribution

her anger, Cynthia spat on Laurence

kind of abuse since he was young. He thought that

out that he was

too much respect for

it because he had developed the new Night Elf Empire that he felt that he was

by no one

Adela, no one else

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didn't take him away with her back then. Now he

covered his hair. A lock of hair fell down

The blue hair...

that it

said that she liked his blue hair, he would have shaved off it on

hurt, but he

as she told until they die. For the sake of Samuel and Nicole's respect for him, he had to

was not in control of his own

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