Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1131 Nicole Is Where I Draw the Line

Unexpectedly, the real IP address was the Presidential Palace in Country F.

Samuel frowned.

Soon after he input the Trojan horse program, the other party took intercepting and rescue measures. At this time, Samuel found who he was.

"Zayn, is it you that ordered the man to take photos of Nicole and me? Just ask us if you are curious about how we are doing."

Samuel chatted with Zayn through an instant messenger.

Zayn was stunned by his behavior.

Lucas was a computer genius, so Zayn tried to avoid Lucas. Unexpectedly, Samuel still found him.

Zayn thought, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Now Zayn thought it unnecessary to lie to Samuel.

"You're brilliant."

Zayn sincerely praised Samuel.

"I'm always brilliant."

His reply was full pride. Even though Zayn was not satisfied, he couldn't find fault with Samuel.

Zayn sneered, "I know you will discover the man sooner or later."

"So you intentionally told me what Major looks like, didn't you?"


It was unnecessary to hide anything from the wise.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth from the beginning?"

Samuel was puzzled as Zayn had tried to make Nicole admit that she was his missing sister.

Zayn paused for a moment and said, "If I say I don't want you to get involved in this mess, would you believe me?"

"I don't believe you. You should do nothing if you are so kind."

Zayn smiled bitterly.

"Alright, I'm selfish. No matter what I do, it's all for myself. Pedro is right. People like me are destined to be lonely forever."

Samuel did not interrupt him。

Samuel was unable to judge whether Zayn was selfish or not. The abnormal family had a great influence on Zayn.

Samuel pondered for a moment and said, "You want to get rid of Major?"

"Yes. He is Santino's brain trust, and I have got into trouble many times because of him. I want to make use of you to help me with it."

Zayn went straight to the point.

Samuel was somewhat relieved.

was comfortable with the way

wanted to

intends to attack Nicole on New

became serious at his words, with a domineering and

Major if he hurts

I can't help you with it. I didn't want to be the president before, but now I'm pushed to compete for

as you have made the choice. I have good news to tell you.

good news for me

bitterly. The cigarette butt burnt his left hand, but he had no reaction as

that Pedro was gone, no one would do that anymore.

like him,

why he needed to keep on

that if he didn't fight against his enemies,

Zayn would rather be a commoner than be born

it. Samuel

Nicole and I to go to see your mother in

bitter smile, "Don't come here. Now Country F is lost in trouble. If you come here, you will be in danger. Moreover, Major and Santino have been watching at

now, Zayn still thought that Nicole was his biological sister. What Sally had said before she died had great influence

felt sympathy

a lot of pressure, and he

you a secret if you promise me

curious about

to say? There's not much I want

Nicole know that I did it. Can you promise me that? If you can, I'll tell you. If you can't, forget it. Anyway, this secret doesn't


at this moment, he was eager to know what this secret was. He even had

a while, Zayn whispered,

so done. Zayn, I'll give

Tell me


with Samuel, Zayn felt that his life was

beast, biting him in the mouth but not eating him in a

biological siblings. To be exact, you

"What did you say?"

Zayn was surprised.

told Zayn what had happened

Zayn was dumbfounded.

kept silent for such a long time that


mother and Nicole's mother

He misses your mother very much. He

a little


had a

It was so great!

suddenly became wet

didn't know what Zayn was thinking, but

you want to come


refused him

die. I don't want to destroy my grandfather's peaceful life. I am very happy to know that my grandfather is

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