Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1133 Lucas Is in Bad Condition

What was Samuel doing?

Nicole knew that Samuel would hear her if she went over now, but if she didn't, she could not control her emotions.

Tomorrow, she would go to see Edwin. Now she might quarrel with Samuel. Nicole thought, 'The earlier I solve the problem, the better it will be. Otherwise, Grandfather would be worried about us.'

Then Nicole walked towards the study.

When Samuel heard Nicole's footsteps, he couldn't help but pause. He subconsciously wanted to turn off the computer, but he didn't as it was hacked.

At this moment, Samuel wanted to beat Lucas up.

As Nicole pushed open the door and entered, Samuel hurried to stand up to block the computer screen.

"Darling, why are you here?"

"What are you doing?"

Nicole's expression was somewhat gloomy.

Nicole heard moans coming from the computer.

Just now, Nicole had been unable to hear it clearly because of the distance. Now the sound made Nicole flush.

"Samuel, you're actually watching this disgusting video behind my back! Were you masturbating yourself?"

Samuel felt he was being misunderstood.

"Honey, you wrong me. Someone else hacked into my computer. I am just about to solve this problem."

Samuel was eager to explain it to Nicole.

Nicole didn't believe him.

"Well, you mean someone hacked into your computer and sent the video to you. How can the hacker be so kind to you? Is he your son?"

Samuel thought, 'It's indeed my son. Lucas must be mad when he did it.' But he didn't tell the truth to Nicole.

That was because Nicole definitely didn't believe it, and Samuel couldn't bring Lucas over and question him.

However, Samuel tried to explain it to Nicole, "Nicole, my computer has been hacked. It is true. If you don't believe me, you can try turning it off. You won't make it."

In order to prove himself, Samuel quickly showed her the computer screen.

The scene on the screen was unbearable.

If Nicole knew that it was Lucas who sent this, she might go crazy.

Perhaps Nicole would think that Lucas was misled by Samuel.

Samuel didn't know why Lucas sent him the video. Samuel did suffer a lot but he couldn't tell Nicole about it.

Seeing his sincere expression, Nicole walked toward the computer.

"You'd better prove that the video isn't yours, otherwise..."

Samuel hurriedly said, "It just popped up. There's no such thing in my computer. Look, I can't

spoke, he tried

It was amazing.

time Samuel did turn off the

It was fast!


Nicole was instantly enraged.

However, Samuel felt desperate.

didn't work just now. I have tried many times. You should believe

"Go away!"

angry, Nicole pushed away Samuel and


was with Samuel every day. But he chose

Samuel was so furious.

thought, 'Lucas, you need to pay for what you did

that Nicole would directly go back to her room and lock the

the door. I can explain

Don't come in. I don't want to see

said angrily, but she took out a pile

was a

advantage of it to have

missed it

Samuel had stopped her having

was not easy for Nicole to get someone to buy it secretly. Nicole had been thinking about finding a time to have it secretly. Now that Samuel helped to create such a good chance, she'd better make

Nicole was deliberately quarreling with him for some junk food, and

did not dare to enter her room before getting Nicole's permission. He was afraid that Nicole would get even

Samuel didn't hear any sound from the room. Then he

behave at this young age. I never expect you would send these

took his coat and drove fast

little surprised to see

Lucas? Lucas hasn't finished his psychological counseling yet. We'll send him back after it's done. Don't worry. It won't delay your schedule. I promise tomorrow you can

was stunned for

Lucas doing psychological

"That's right."

Blair nodded.

Samuel frowned.

"Where's Lucas' notebook?"

doesn't bring the notebook. What's wrong

terrible expression, Blair realized something unusual and

Lucas was in, and

best psychological

"I know."

forced himself

bed, with his eyes closed. Obviously, Lucas was

care of Lucas and wiped the sweat

Frowning, Lucas looked terrible.

Samuel thought that Lucas' mental condition was good. Moreover, Lucas performed well in the military and was a genius. He would get through it. However,

What surged up was

"Is he very serious?"

has been afraid of night, and even closing his eyes. Once he closes his eyes, he will see a lot of blood, as well as the appearance of the man when he was alive. We have similar experience before, but we are mature enough to get through it. But Lucas is a child, not like us. If

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