Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 38: I'll tell you why today



Nicole exclaimed and a hot body stuck to her.


Her flustered heart was dulled by the familiar smell.


At one time she was looking forward to close contact with Samuel rather than routine in the cold bed, but until she was pregnant they never did.


Samuel felt only a sweet smell in his nose. The familiar smell was like the memory on the pillow in his bedroom when he dreamed every night. He was immersed in it and felt that he was dreaming.




Samuel mumbled. His handsome face slowly approached Nicole's lips.


Suddenly, a sharp bell rang. Nicole woke up and pushed Samuel away. Her heart thumped and it was as if her blood had come up and made her all hot. Her face was burning.


Samuel almost fell out of bed and woke up. But he had some regrets. He watched Nicole's cell phone ringing all the time. He subconsciously wanted to get it. Nicole got it first.




All of Nicole's fantasies and dreams disappeared when she saw Allen's name.


She just lost her mind!


How could she still have that fantasy about Samuel?


Nicole immediately sat up. Although it was difficult, she refused Samuel’s help and touch and answered.


Allen’s voice came out immediately.


“Catherine, are you ok? I heard you had an accident. I want to see you, but Zoe is not in good condition and I can't leave.”


Allen's voice was rapid, and the solicitude made Samuel uncomfortable.


Nicole had no time to take into account Samuel's face and thoughts at this time. When she heard that Zoe was in a bad situation, Nicole was ina panic.


“How's Zoe? Is it serious?”


“Don't worry. Zoe is fine for the moment, but I can't leave her. You...”


“I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Allen, I just hurt my right leg. I only need to recuperate for a few days. Just focus on Zoe.”


Nicole was thinking about Zoe now.


She was far away from her daughter and she couldn't take care of her. Only mothers could understand the pain.


Samuel watched Nicole's eyes turn red and aggrieved. He became angry.


She was his wife! But now she was upset about another man’s phone call. What was her relationship with Allen?


Allen wanted to say something to Nicole, but Samuel grabbed her cell phone directly. He said coldly, “President Brook, take care of your family. As for Catherine, I will take good care of her here.”


you doing? You give me your


was worried about Zoe and wanted to talk to Allen. If she could, she would like to chat with her daughter,


this man be


Before Allen could say anything, he hung up the phone and turned it


Nicole got angry.


are you crazy? It’s my cell phone. He is my boss and my friend. Why do you


a cat with a tail trodden on. She was full of hostility, and the


I'll tell you


have been


face had changed and she didn't want to admit it now, she couldn't change that she was


She was so close to another man in his presence. Did she really think


Nicole and kissed


missed her lips so much that his heart hurt. She played hide and seek with him and now she wanted


He didn't agree!


caught off guard. When she was kissed by Samuel, both of them were a




Samuel remembered Nicole's taste!


her face had changed and she


This was his wife!


kissed Nicole and wanted to pass on his thoughts for


the fire five years ago and


man didn't deserve


He didn't deserve it!


away. She was


a pain in the tip of his tongue. He unconsciously let go of Nicole. Then he was


“Samuel, you bastard!”


only felt her hands numb. Her


enough, Samuel's face swelled in


didn't seem to feel it. He looked at Nicole and the hatred in her eyes. He remembered the anxiety and gentleness she had just had when she received Allen's call. He


will give it to you as long as you

got up and


Jacob came and bumped into


“President Green, your face...”




at him and


to be a smell of Samuel in the air. Nicole refused to immerse herself


to her because she was a designer of HJ Group. He wanted to use her and H’J Group to expand the international influence of




say that to a strange


confused him, she knew more than anyone how


lives were not


but there were tears in her


love with all her strength. The most sad thing was that he never loved


Men were merciless!


phone again. She turned it on and called Allen


Allen answered immediately.


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