Dragon Master

Chapter 450 Curse You

After the Benz landed on the ground, the car windows were broken into pieces and the right side of the car hit the ground. Luke and others hit hard with humming brains, experiencing a concussion.

The only one who was not so badly hurt was Lambert. He shook his head fiercely and struggled to come out of the broken window.

“What’s the fuck? I almost get myself killed.” Lambert complained and got rid of the car. He wiped off the blood on his forehead, which t was scratched by the broken glass and really wanted to squat on the road to have a cigarette.

However, it was just a fantasy. Maximilian strode towards Lambert, which made him nervous. Lambert ran as fast as possible.

Maximilian sneered and threw a stone with just a flick of his wrist. Then the stone hit into Lambert’s knee fossa heavily. The running Lambert tackled. “My leg! My knee!” Lambert covered his knee and yelled. He looked at the bloody hole in his knee, feeling that he would never escape from Maximilian alive.

“Sir, brother, grandfather! Could you just spare my life? I can give you money, all my money.” Lambert burst into tears. He was no longer arrogant. The only thing he wanted was to stay alive and Maximilian could release him.

“I shouldn’t have been so greedy. Could you leave me alive? I will never be your enemy.” Lambert turned over and went down on his knees in great pain. Then he kowtowed to Maximilian.

“Due to Uncle Powell, I came here to offer help. Luke gave me 10 million dollars, and I would like to give you ten times more than that amount to pay for my life. If we meet each other in the future, I will treat you with respect.” Lambert abandoned his dignity. He knew at this time, face was of no use for him. Only abandoning it would give him the hope of surviving.

Maximilian signed and said slowly, “Given that you offend me for the first time, I will give you a chance. If you continue to make such a mistake, I will kill you next time.”

go as far as

left soon. Thanks to his excellent Kung Fu, he was able to do this. It was already hard for ordinary people to stand on hands, not to mention walking on hands.

the Benz and kicked the car. He said, “Don’t pretend to be dead. Get out and explain everything to me carefully.” Uncle Powell got out

should fart? I don’t want to fart now.” After Maximilian finishing his words, he held the collar of Uncle Powell and dropped him to the

Uncle Powell felt his bones were broken and his whole body was in pain. Luke with a bloody head came out of the car and looked at Maximilian with

you don’t have the intention, who dare to bewitch you? Now that you have done it, you should take the responsibility.” Maximilian patted on Luke’s face and then stretched his hands to

hold my neck. Uncle Powell and Kevin, help me. Kill

close to you and show up in front of you.” Uncle Powell begged for mercy regardless of Luke. Due to

have done a lot of evil deeds as his follower. Then use his blood

didn’t understand his words. After thinking it for a moment, Uncle Powell got Maximilian’s

felt free breath was

with his teeth gritted, “If I

“Of course.”

“It’s a deal.”

“Sorry, Luke. I wanted to survive. I have no other way but to kill you.” The fingers of Uncle Powell were like hooks, which broke through the skin

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