Dragon Master

Chapter 452 Newman family

"If you know, just say it." Canaan urged anxiously.

"I heard that Maximilian is a well-known loser in H City. He is the son-in-law of the Griffith family in H City. But recently, it seems that Maximilian has changed. We didn't go to the winery banquet. It's said that Maximilian slapped Luke at the winery banquet."

"Luke?" Canaan was stunned for a moment, and then recalled the scene he had just seen. It seemed that one of the corpses at the scene of the traffic accident was just like Luke.

Did Maximilian kill Luke? My god! Canaan felt as if he had been involved in a huge whirlpool. As long as he knew this, it would not come to a good end.

"My goodness, it seems Maximilian has killed Luke just now. I should have seen Luke's corpse. What should we do about it?" Canaan was flustered.

"Canaan, are you sure you have seen him? Luke is always surrounded and protected by skilled bodyguards. Even if he wants to die, it's not easy, but Maximilian ... let's investigate him carefully. If he is really powerful, it's good for us to follow him. "

"Yes, it's a blessing in disguise. Maybe it's a good thing. It depends on how we choose. It's always possible for the lucky guys to avoid harm."

The rich young talked about it for a while. Canaan scratched his head and said with a bitter face, "Just forget what happened today. Don't let it slip. Otherwise, we'll all suffer."

"Canaan, you can rest assured that our brothers know what to do and will not tell others about it."

"You're dismissed. I'll figure out what to do." Canaan squat on the curb, took out his cigarette and intended to stay downstairs at Maximilian's residence.

After smoking, Canaan went to a nearby convenience store to buy some food and drink, and drove to Maximilian's house.

Kevin pretended to be dead in the Mercedes Benz car for a long time. When nothing happened, he carefully got out of the car.

around. When he saw no one was around, Kevin was

the car, Kevin saw the corpses of Luke and

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directly, but if he didn't report it to the Newman family,

so I have to report it to

while. Then he took out his mobile phone and called the

Kevin. Luke is dead." Kevin said in a trembling

Luke die? What do so many

After all, it was a critical time for the Newman family to choose the future leader. It was a routine operation to

able to fight with him for long. In the end, Uncle Powell asked his martial brother Lambert to help us, but

find out who

Powell to kill Luke and promised that he will let Uncle Powell go if he kills Luku. Uncle Powell and Luke fight with each other,

mess. He could not imagine what kind of scene it was. The young master of the Newman family was killed

should be recorded clearly in

Can you send someone here quickly? I'm

I'll send someone to collect the corpses right

to Uncle Woody, then took

whole thing didn't look like a conspiracy. It was more like Luke

I'll talk to someone. Forget it. I'd better

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