Dragon Master

Chapter183 Kick

Hearing Maximilian's words, Oliver and Franklin burst into laughter.

No one took his warning seriously. Even if Maximilian was a rich man in H City, he would also be ignored by Walter.

After all, H City was just an ordinary city. Even if the people in H City were strong, they would only reach the medium level in the provincial capital.

But Walter's family was a powerful family in the provincial capital. They can absolutely throw all kinds of people in H City into the shade.

"Fuck! Maximilian, you've bloated. Even if you beat me, how dare you be disrespectful to Walter? Walter can drown you idiot as long as he moves his mouth and spits out his saliva!"

Franklin stirred up the flames, hoping that Walter would clean up Maximilian so that he would have a chance to humiliate Maximilian.

Oliver tilted his head and looked at Maximilian, said with disdain, "It's the first time I've met someone so ruthless and contradicted Walter. If I find any descendants in the provincial capital, I am sure they would kneel down for him."

Walter, with a cold smile, directly ignored Maximilian, looking at Victoria eagerly.

For Walter, Maximilian was not even a fart. The most important thing was to get Victoria.

"Beauty, your husband has guts. But I don't like his barking. If you don't want to see his limbs broken, you'd better accompany me. This is my advice to you. Don't think that if you are beautiful, you will be pursued and flattered by everyone."

Victoria, with a cold face, said, "Please leave, or I will call the restaurant staff."

"Ah, call the restaurant staff, beauty. Are you kidding? It's useless for you to call emperor here today. If you don't accompany me, you will suffer."

Walter laughed wildly. Franklin had closed the door of the private room, as he was ready to take revenge.

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Victoria, you should be beaten

crazy? This is Walter of the Stone family in the provincial capital. Did you not hear clearly, or did you not know the power of the Stone family? I'd like to warn you not to mess around, or no one can protect you! " Franklin whined and retreated, worried that Maximilian would dare to fight with Walter and would


Walter was scared, but it was too

body fell back,

violent collision made a huge sound, and the door of the private room vibrated a few times, as if it was

Maximilian, and they did not expect that Maximilian really dared to beat Walter

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his hand, a group of security guards rushed in

Walter from the provincial capital was beaten by Maximilian just now.

Mr. Lee is our distinguished guest. We should serve

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