Dragon Master

Chapter184 Only one outcome

Outside the restaurant, Franklin and Oliver stood up and helped Walter who couldn't stand up by himself. Because of the pain, Walter couldn't use his strength. His whole body seemed to be a pool of mud.

Franklin and Oliver made great efforts to help Walter into the car.

Walter was leaning in the back seat, wheezing and panting. He didn't look very good.

"Walter, are you okay? Or I'll send you to the hospital for examination. Maximilian kicked you hard just now." Franklin said with concern.

At this moment, he treated Walter as his own father. If he could ride Walter's coattails, Franklin was really willing to call him daddy.

"I won't go to the hospital! Find a place for me to have a rest, and I'll call someone to kill this shit!"

Franklin looked at Oliver which was worried about Walter's unwillingness to go to the hospital.

Oliver nodded slightly, "All right, find a place with few people. It's not good for Walter to be seen by others."

Franklin suddenly realized why Walter didn't want to go to the hospital. If he met an acquaintance in the hospital, it would affect his image.

"OK, there's a small club nearby. There should be no one at this time. Let's go there now."

Franklin drove to the small club and asked for a private room. After that, Oliver and Franklin helped Walter into the private room.

When Walter entered the room, he lay down on the sofa, curled up in pain and cursed Maximilian.

"That bastard, I will kill him! He must die, he must die!"

"Walter, you should have a good rest or eat something." Franklin said flatteringly.

phone! I must find someone to kill Maximilian! And

the mobile phone from Walter's pocket and

a number in the

beaten up

The shadow referred to living in the dark and dealing with all kinds of secrets

years, he had achieved great fame among the underground forces in the provincial capital, and even

Walter's accident, Nathaniel frowned

years older than Walter. Although

to beat you? How dare he? Our Stone

bring someone to crash him, and I'll screw his wife in front of him!

The most important

sent out evil laughter, "Ah, don't worry, I will avenge for you. There will be a small gift for you at that time. With that small gift, you can

"Thank you, uncle."

full of fantasy with the scene of

lucky that it was not him who offended Walter. That offender

phone and felt refreshed. With Nathaniel as his backing, it seemed that there were no longer

offend me, there will be

going to be miserable! Don't look at his prestige just now. As long as you make a move, let him fall immediately!" Franklin

better! I heard you said she has a cooperation with

bitch got the contract from the Graham Group by providing sex service.

and said, "I will let them end their cooperation. Later, Victoria, the bitch, who wants to get the

you're so powerful. You'll take advantage of that slut.

uncle to come here. Maybe I can celebrate tonight." Walter


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