Dragon Master

Chapter185 Courting death

Victoria stopped the car steadily in the parking space, and Maximilian's mobile phone was buzzing.

Looking at the caller ID, Maximilian answered the phone and said casually, "Connor, what's the matter?"

"There's something really difficult this time, or I dare not to disturb you. If you have time, please come to the Royal Court Club."

Connor's voice was more anxious, it must be something serious.

Maximilian looked at Victoria. She said with a smile, "If you have something to do, just go and come back early."

"There's something wrong with my friend. I'll take you back first, and then have a look."

Maximilian sent Victoria home, parted her at the door, and then took a taxi straight to the Royal Court Club.

Under the guidance, Maximilian entered Connor's chamber.

Connor, who was kneading his forehead, quickly stood up and said, "You're here. Please look at this invitation first."

He picked up the invitation on the table and handed it to Maximilian.

Maximilian took the invitation and looked at it. The exquisite invitation didn't write too much, just two words: King's Arena, as well as the time and venue.

"What does that mean? Someone is going to challenge you."

With a smile, Maximilian threw the invitation on the table and sat lazily on the sofa.

"This is an invitation letter from the underground guys in the provincial capital. They organize the arena competition to re-divide the force of H City by means of a challenge. This time, I have heard that some big guy in the provincial capital wants to get involved in the force of H City. This challenge arena competition is also a prelude."

Connor's face wrinkled tightly, and looked as if he had been bullied, without a domineering image at all.

If I don't go, others may think I admit my failure. My followers will lose

Otherwise, his followers would no longer believe in his power. He was afraid many people would

Connor. He could only succeed. If he failed, he would lose everything, even his

to hear your sad story

ask for your help. I don't have many experts under me,

looked forward to Maximilian’s help, and his heart was filled with infinite tension. If Maximilian didn't help, Connor estimated that it would be hard for him to go

cigarette. Connor had already given the cigarette to Maximilian, holding a pure gold lighter to light the cigarette for him.

said, "Who are

led by Nathaniel, from the Stone family. He is especially responsible for dealing


provincial capital? What a coincidence. I'll help

it was the Stone family, Maximilian didn't mind teaching them a lesson. Walter bothered Maximilian

Walter's eyes were very dangerous. Maximilian didn't want

for the challenge competition. Each party can

rules were meaningless to Maximilian.

me take the other place."

young lord going to

in the challenge arena, his forehead was

are of importance. How can you fight in the challenge arena? You can't, absolutely can’t do it." Connor shook his

you. I've

must pay attention

his face, he had to protect Maximilian's safety. If Maximilian really had an accident

cannot withstand my fists. Is it tonight? Should we go now."

the Boxing Stadium, where the venues are all professional." Connor


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