Dragon Master

Chapter247 Lucky

Both Alfie and Tommy swayed their bodies, and showed an embarrassed expression.

They knelt down to Mr. Collins. After all, the status was indeed high. But they were totally reluctant to kneel to Maximilian,

Looking at the two young men who bowed their heads and didn't move or speak, Mr. Collins said with a sneer, "You have backbone, don't you?"

Hugo was in a panic and knew that Mr. Collins was going to be angry.

“What were you two brats doing? Apologize to Maximilian!" Hugo growled, biting his teeth.

Although Hugo was reluctant, due to the power gap, they had to amend. Now even if he broke his teeth, he had to swallow them.

Alfie and Tommy knelt down to Maximilian helplessly, "Sorry, we are wrong. Just now we are full of shit. Please forgive us."

Victoria gently pulled Maximilian, indicating Maximilian to forgive them.

Maximilian nodded slightly and said with no expression, "Okay, go away."

Filled with resentment, Alfie and Tommy stood up and rushed into the crowd. After hiding in the crowd, they felt that they had lost all their dignities.

“Shit, this useless loser. He must kneel for me for a day in the future!" Alfie said fiercely.

Tommy did not speak, but watched the guests around him gather to Mr. Collins and Maximilian.

Hugo had no time to care about his face. He bowed slightly and came to Mr. Collins with a smile on his face.

"Mr. Collins, if I had known you're here, I'd like to welcome you. I'd like to invite you into the house to have a cup of tea."

to come to your house? I'm afraid I’ll

embarrassed and hated Alfie and Tommy even

as well, greeting Mr. Collins and

Collins, I am Harry, the general manager of XS. You can call

Toby of the GP electronics. If you have any need,


almost targeted at Maximilian and Mr. Collins, Hugo and the family

Maximilian had not been treated like that just now, how would it be like now? Maybe everyone had to chase and flatter the Wright family, and then go through the Wright family to meet

knew that the Wright family wasn't in a good relationship with Mr. Collins, or Maximilian. In the future, they might find troubles with the Wright family in order to show themselves in front

mistake, it was all it would

stared at Maximilian with gloomy eyes. Nobody could

look dull.

together. They don't know whether they should be sad

They were full of fear when they

they abused

thinking that if Maximilian and Mr. Collins yelled a reward for killing Alfie, the

uncertainty, "We had knelt down and apologize to him. It

figure it out. In the past, I humiliated that guy, but nothing happened. How can it turn out

fell into meditation, thinking

asked, "Laura, what's the matter with your

time, Maximilian said

flipped the memory in her mind, but she couldn't figure out what the reason for this fantastic scene was. Maybe she had to go home and

just now is a little too much. Don’t take it serious. Since Maximilian has something to do with Mr. Collins, you

Collins in deed; however, her loser son-in-law was so useless, so she couldn't ride

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